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Ferry dusted

Zach is discussing the available flights on the phone, and it comes up that there's an 11:30 flight out of Singapore. Flo points out that it's 11:00 already, so they have no shot at the 11:30. Elsewhere, however, the Bald Snark are discussing the same flight, and they're holding out hope that they may get on it. They know it's going to be extremely close, so they're planning to hurl themselves enthusiastically out of the cab when they get to the airport. They thank their driver for doing such a great job getting them to the airport, and when he pulls up, they indeed engage in the aforementioned self-hurling. Unfortunately, Kenny starts into the airport still clutching the fare in his hand. Heh. Gerard calls him back to pay the driver. When they get there, they find Malaysia Airlines and note happily that Derek and Drew are not there yet. The Bald Snark voices over that they have absolutely no interest in being accompanied to the finish line by the Four Big Arms if they can avoid it, because as Derek and Drew stated earlier, the Four Big Arms have a way of crossing the finish line first.

At 11:03, Derek and Drew arrive outside. Inside, Ken and Gerard are making arrangements to get on the 11:30 flight. At 11:05, the music thumps ominously as the plane prepares to take off. Inside, Derek and Drew wander. At 11:07, the Malaysia Airlines lady tells the Bald Snark to shake a leg, because they're closing the gate for the flight any time now. They take off running through the airport, while Derek and Drew talk to a ticket agent about the lack of direct flights to Ho Chi Minh City tonight. At 11:09, we see the plane's engines start to roar. (Oh, it's probably not actually their plane, but...who really cares?) At 11:10, the Bald Snark is running for the plane. Run, Ken and Gerard, run! After Derek and Drew are turned away at the ticket counter, they look at the Arr/Dep board, which shows the 11:30 flight. "There's no way anyone got on that," Derek scowls.

Cut to the plane rising into the sky, going from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Inside, Kenny kisses the top of Gerard's head. Yay, Bald Snark! They're very happy to be on the plane with no one else in sight.

In the FloZach cab, they're arranging their flights. "Ask her to hold seats for the twins," Flo urges as Zach works the phone. Oh, ew. There are only four teams left, dear. It's much, much too late to go that far in the pursuit of an alliance of any kind. Now she's just being stupid. Zach, however, goes along, knowing that if he doesn't, it's going to be four hours of nonstop screaming. For maximum emotional impact, we see him edgily say, "First name 'Drew,' D-R-E-W..."

D-R-E-W, on the other hand, is lining up his own flight. When he calls, however, he's told that he's already on the list. "They already booked it for us?" Derek asks after he's off the phone. "Yeah, someone must've," Drew answers with a slightly embarrassed smile, like that guy who finds out that a girl he just met the other day bought him a watch. FloZach arrives, and Flo is still wearing her flower. (No, that is not a euphemism. Yuck.) I will bet you a buck that flower has something to do with Drew. He gave it to her, or they were at dinner together when she got it, or he told her he thought it was almost as pretty as she was, or some crap along those lines. She is precisely the girl who would do that, especially for the purpose of making sure Zach saw it. Because I know enough about this show to know what the B.O. is like at this point, and I'm telling you that a flower in your hair is going to be pretty damn incongruous. Ian and Teri arrive at the airport at almost exactly the same time, and Ian is as chipper as all get-out today, even doing a little dance with the luggage cart. Some kind of wacky light jazz plays as he explains that they're trying to "savor the good moments." I suspect that part of what you're seeing here is overcompensation for how emotionally difficult he's afraid it's going to be to go back to Vietnam. For which, I might add, I don't blame him a bit. He spots the twins and seems happy that everyone is still bunched up together.

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