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Ferry dusted

Gerard opens the flight investigation by asking when the next flight is from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City. There's nothing direct available anytime soon, so he starts asking about possible connections. He learns that there's an 11:30 PM flight to Kuala Lumpur (which I think is Klingon for "lumpy koala"), where they can presumably then look for a flight to Vietnam.

10:45 PM. Asshat. They read the clue, and Ian explains in a voice-over that he was in the military during the Vietnam War. He says that he was happy to come home, and has mixed feelings about going back. Can't blame the guy for that.

Flo is trying to flag down a taxi, but the one she tries to nab is actually already carrying Derek and Drew, so it keeps going. "We should have stopped," Drew laments to Derek as they zoom off, although of course there wouldn't have been room in the cab for another team and its crew, so that would have accomplished nothing. Flo yells after the cab. Inside, Drew seems to think Flo might have wanted something (chicka bamp!), but Derek points out that she was obviously just after the cab. In an interview, Drew says, "I like Flo because she knows what she wants, and she goes after it." I suppose if "going after it" means "complaining and yelling and threatening to cry until someone gives it to you," he might be right. Derek, on the other hand, interviews that he's working on keeping Drew focused, because "this really isn't the best time to be courting someone." Courting? Golly. Flo will be the first girl in "courting" history to drop her white glove and scream, "Pick it uuuuuuuup!"

Flo and Zach get a cab at last. They also beg the use of the cabbie's cell phone to work on flights. Teri and Ian are leaving right behind them, and after being passed by FloZach's cab, they luck into a taxi, too. And sure enough, they also use the cabbie's cell phone to nail down flights. It's awfully suspicious to me that they all did this at the same time. I have to wonder whether they talked about this strategy or clarified whether it was all right or something, because prior to this episode, they've been waiting to get to the airport to check on flights, and now everybody is all over the cell phones. Maybe this is where I should become a conspiracy theorist. I demand a Congressional investigation! FloZach and Asshat both book flights from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, though FloZach's is at 6:00 AM and Asshat's is at 6:50. Ian left the fifty extra minutes so that he could yell "Come on!" at Teri three hundred times.

Derek and Drew, interestingly enough, are not pursuing the cell phone option. They're like the Buck Weaver of the cell phone ticket-buying conspiracy.

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