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10:22 PM. Derek and Drew. They open the clue, which tells them to go to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and find a statue of Bac Ho (who Phil explains is the same person as Ho Chi Minh) in Rex Square. The twins count their money, which turns out to be one hundred dollars for the leg. They voice over that their sense is that everyone is trying to get rid of them, because everyone watched the last two seasons, and everyone knows that according to lore, the young and buff shall inherit the big toy check, if you know what I mean. And I think you do. They hunt for a cab to the airport.

10:33 PM. Ken and Gerard rip open their clue. In what's really a rather funny development, they explain that they ordered two cabs to be there when they were leaving, in case Derek and Drew -- who they knew would be leaving ahead of them -- poached one of them. When Derek and Drew encounter one of these cabs, however, the vigilant and excellent driver says, "Mr. Ken?" The twins are incredibly inept liars, as they admit in a voice-over, so rather than claiming to be Ken, they try to bribe the cabbie to take them, but he won't. He's really very dutiful, so props to the cabbie. Elsewhere, however, Ken and Gerard pile into what is presumably their other cab. As was pointed out on the forums, this makes you feel kind of bad for the vigilant cabbie who fended off Derek and Drew, because presumably he got completely hosed for sticking to what he was supposed to do and not just asking for an extra ten bucks to take the twins to the airport. As the twins continue hunting for a cab, they basically bicker over how stupid they are for not just lying and pretending to be Ken. Aw. It's like an O. Henry story, isn't it? Gerard and Kenny got an extra cab so that Derek and Drew could try to screw them and steal it, and then Derek and Drew couldn't bring themselves to screw them and steal's like any traditional holiday story, only with more scheming and mistrust. And more big shiny teeth.

10:34 PM. FloZach. They open the clue and leave. Flo is wearing a flower in her hair. Yeah, that'll be cute, until the guys in airport security think you're using it to conceal stolen microfilm and you wind up spread-eagled on somebody's Samsonite soft-sided Pullman, crying your eyes out. "Run, Zach!" she commands as they leave the mat. Interestingly, "Run, Zach!" is something I have screamed at my television many times this season, so I'm happy that for once, Flo and I are seeing eye-to-eye. Zach, in a voice-over: "Sometimes Flo screams at people. Yells at people. I'm looking forward to never having Flo yell at me again, because I hate the way it feels." Hmm. I wonder what that means. It certainly doesn't sound like it bodes well for their future friendship, because if he's ever going to see her again, one would assume she's going to yell at him. Maybe he's moving to Antarctica to research penguins or something. At this point, you couldn't blame the guy. They run and look for a cab. As they're looking, Ken and Gerard drive by and wave. "How did they get a taxi?" Flo wonders. Well, by calling one, pumpkin head. Derek and Drew, meanwhile, stop to borrow a cell phone from some young women. Ah, the Estrogen Brigade lives! This time, however, they're not a curse, so Derek and Drew wind up just having the girls call the cab for them directly.

Ken and Gerard borrow their cabbie's cell phone so that they can start checking up on flights. Elsewhere, Zach goes upstairs somewhere to call a cab. "Zach, hurry up," Flo says impatiently, fanning herself with her clue. Boy, with the flower behind her ear, she does look like quite the peevish princess. Peel her a grape, dammit! Derek and Drew, meanwhile, grab their cab at last.

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