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Ferry dusted

The teams split up. Ken and Gerard do as FloZach said and follow the flags backward along the course. "We spent half the race with them in an alliance," Gerard says with unmistakable sadness. "And we...we just love them." Kenny: "We both expected at the very end something like this was going to happen. And then it did." Derek and Drew look, baffled, at the departing ferry, trying to figure out whether they're supposed to get on the boat. Meanwhile, Ken and Gerard find their way to the clue box at last. Derek and Drew, on the other hand, are about to go even further off course, as they decide that if Zach and Flo were on the boat, they must be supposed to get on the boat as well. They decide that perhaps the Roadblock is on the other side of the river.

Ken and Gerard have a tense start to the Roadblock, with Gerard driving. They're nervous, I assume, that the twins are going to appear at any moment. After all, had the twins gone in this direction, even by chance, they would have run smack into them and might have caught them by the ferry. Rounding the first corner, the bike tips over and dumps Kenny out onto the street. Ow. What's really strange is that as he falls, there's a sound effect that sounds like a monkey screaming. It's probably not a real monkey screaming, though. They get righted and get going...just as Derek and Drew board the ferry. "We just saw Zach and Flo go over there," Drew says good-naturedly, "and we just don't know where else to look." On the other side of the river, Zach and Flo are back on the bike and ready to head for the pit stop.

Ken and Gerard cycle through the streets. "We gotta get on [the ferry] without the boys seeing us," Gerard says. Aw. "The boys." Such an affectionate expression...sigh. They voice over that as they waited in the ferry terminal, Derek and Drew would appear at any moment. Of course, they don't realize that Derek and Drew have already taken a ferry across to the other side, so they're nervously scanning the crowd, sure that the whole thing will be blown at any moment. The ferry leaves.

Zach and Flo de-bike and run for the pit stop. Welcome, FloZach. You're team number two. Flo explains in an interview that she looked around and didn't see Derek and Drew anywhere. This clued her in that they, too, were still behind her and Zach.

Ay-yi-yi, this is so heartbreaking. Derek and Drew get off the ferry on the other side of the river. They start looking for guidance of some kind, and they spot an arrow. They're rather baffled, however, when it says, "Park Cyclos Here." Huh? Having faith in the arrow, though, they keep following. Derek is skeptical, but Drew thinks all they can really do is follow the arrows. They run toward the well-lit pit stop, and they're aware that it can't be right, but they clearly don't know what else to try. Zach sees them run by and is very aware that they've screwed it up. He makes a smirking face. "Oh, this is gonna get ugly," he remarks. "Drew, this isn't right," Derek says as they approach Phil. They walk up and stand on the mat, but Phil tells them that they haven't completed the Roadblock, so he can't check them in.

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