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Ferry dusted

Oh, and he has to yell out one more "numba one!" on the mat. Shut up.

FloZach, biking to the ferry. "At this point, we're pretty much sure we're last," Flo voices over. Meanwhile, Derek and Drew are elsewhere, wandering and looking for the clue. Ken and Gerard, on the other hand, have found their way to the ferry, convinced that perhaps they have to take the ferry to find the clue box. Flo observes Ken and Gerard, coming up to the ferry on foot. Now, if you know Flo, you know that she doesn't think strategically, ever. (Witness her reserving of tickets for the twins early in the leg.) She thinks personally. She thinks, "What are these other people doing, and how does it relate to ME?" So when she sees Ken and Gerard, she describes her own reaction as, "Get these guys off my boat." So when they start onto the boat, rather than just leaving it alone, which would be the obviously correct thing to do, Flo sneers at them, "You need your bike." Ken and Gerard apparently stare emptily, because Zach says, "You've got to go back." "All the way up the road!" Flo yells. And Zach adds, "Follow the flags back."

In an interview, Gerard basically says that he couldn't believe Flo and Zach were giving him the information he needed to finish the leg. As he points out, Flo has had an alliance with the twins for a little while here, and yet she just handed Ken and Gerard the key that's going to get them out of the mess they're in, and that's probably going to force the twins out. Now here's what's interesting to me. I'm pretty convinced that Flo just wasn't thinking about the strategic implications of what she did. It's easy for me to believe that Flo rarely thinks about the strategic implications of anything. She's too emotional, and she's too impulsive. I don't think she either meant to help Ken and Gerard or hurt the twins, and I don't think she went through a complex analysis of who was in last or in first and who would or would not benefit. The interesting question, to me, is what Zach knew and when he knew it. Would I put it past Zach to have realized he could potentially be screwing somebody else, and that it might be Derek and Drew? Nope. I suspect he didn't think of it, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did.

Ken and Gerard run up the ferry dock, and they run into Derek and Drew, who have also apparently decided that the ferry is the key to this whole thing. Derek and Drew don't make it in time to actually talk to FloZach, but they can see that they're on the ferry. So when they see Ken and Gerard running back, they figure that Ken and Gerard must have talked to FloZach. "Pretend you don't know, Gerard," Kenny says as the teams approach each other. "Are Zach and Flo out there?" Drew asks Gerard. "I didn't see 'em," Gerard says. "Are they out there?" "Yeah, they're on the boat," Drew says, confused. "Zach and Flo were on the boat. Do you have to get on this to go?" Ken and Gerard say nothing. "Did you guys get on the boat?" they ask Kenny. "No," Kenny answers. Ah, Shakespearean betrayal. It's perfect that they're all boys, because they never let girls be in Shakespeare plays anyway. If they stage this production, I think Kenny should play Flo.

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