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Ferry dusted

"Look out!" Ian yells. "Crazy Americans!" Heh. He and Teri continue through the streets.

FloZach gets out of their cab when they spot the flag with the green clue box. They open the clue, and then we see Zach pedaling and Flo riding. There's a shocker. "Please don't kill me, please don't kill me," she says with great irritation. Oh, I'm sorry, madam, is the free ride while you rest on your shapely fanny not to your liking? Sheesh. I believe what he says instead is, "I'll do my best." Such restraint. When I first saw it, actually, I thought he said, "You wanna drive?", which would have been cool. Heh. They spot the flag leading onto the ferry as well.

The confusion intensifies as both the twins and the Bald Snark continue to hunt for the clue. They can't find it, but they can't figure out why they can't find it. They've now hooked up so that they're both looking. I think part of this is that now that they know they're both screwed, they don't want to let the other team get away for fear of winding up on the short end of the stick. "We're dead," they all agree.

Commercials. The Gap holiday commercials...whatever happened to the ones that didn't suck? With Luscious Jackson and Rufus Wainwright and Johnny Mathis? Who are these stupid people? Maybe I'm just getting old.

The Band of Brothers is still looking for the clue box. Ken and Gerard eventually decide that the clue must be back by the ferry, so they break off by themselves and head for the boat. Derek and Drew do not choose to follow.

Teri and Ian park their cycle and take off on foot for the pit stop. They run up to the mat, and Ian actually stops and lets Teri jump on first. Welcome, Asshat, you are team number one. And congratulations on a good leg. They scream happily and hug. Which is nice, except that for my money, you're not making up for nine legs of snapping every time anything goes wrong just because you're able to not be nasty when you do well. My read on them is that it's only when everything goes well that they get along. As soon as anything goes bad, there's the blaming and the snapping and the ordering each other around. It's not that I deny them credit for what they did; it's just that it's one leg out of many, and until I see them handle adversity well, it's not really going to change the way they look to me. In short? It's easy to look happy in the sunshine. At any rate, Phil gives them a cruise. (As Miss Alli's Mom said when Wil and Tara won a cruise last year, "Oh, good. They can continue traveling together.")

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