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Ferry dusted

Asshat and the twins get out of the boat and take off. Meanwhile, Ken and Gerard pull the same move two more times and get their 40,000, so they're off as well. "The Vietnamese people were very nice," Gerard remarks gently, with some embarrassment, "to be buying fruit from us wacky Americans." Hee. He comments in a voice-over, however, that they weren't happy at all about having been first into the Detour and third to leave.

FloZach hits 39,500. "I think that's good enough, let's go," Flo says. Huh? When have you ever seen a Detour you could complete "almost"? Hasn't she seen this show? Close only counts in horseshoes, pumpkin. I cannot believe she did this. Sure enough, when they take their money back to the lady who's supposed to give them their clue, she tells them they don't have enough. "You go and sell more," she tells them quietly. "Sell more?" Flo snaps. "Yes, you not enough forty," the lady tells her. Flo immediately turns and orders Zach to go sell a little bit more right near where they are. He doesn't do it the way she wants him to, so she acts angry and pouty yet again. "I'm, like, emotionally and physically exhausted," she says. What Flo doesn't seem to understand is that everyone is emotionally and physically exhausted. Everyone is tired, everyone isn't eating or sleeping the way they normally do, and everyone is just trying to hang on for the finish now. Why she appoints herself to the position of Our Lady Of Perpetual Suffering just baffles my mind. Why is it necessary for her to be a bitch to Zach? Isn't Zach tired? Isn't Zach hungry? Hasn't Zach carried her damn backpack around repeatedly? Why unload on him?

There just are no words.

"Teri and Ian are on fire right now," Derek says as they follow Asshat back toward Ho Chi Minh City. Drew chuckles. Ian, in his cab, talks about how happy he is and what a good time he's having, even giving credit to his "lovely wife," who I can't say looks quite as thrilled with him. She actually looks like she'd like him to remove his hand from her thigh, lest he stray too far in the direction of the paper underpants, if you see my point.

FloZach is just finishing the selling. And who finished it? Zach. After they're done, he walks by her on the way out. "Why are you leaving me here?" she demands angrily. Zach spins and looks at her, and just for a minute, I thought he might give her approximately one-twentieth of what she deserves by telling her to shut the hell up already. He pulls it together, however, and says evenly, "I thought you were right behind me." She could have been right behind him, you'll notice. She's not tied to a tree. If she wanted to be behind him, she could have put one foot in front of the other until she was behind him. That's how it works. Maybe that's what she doesn't get. Her arms work! Her legs work! Her feet have toes! She has opposable thumbs! Why she would need him to invite her or ask her in this situation, I have absolutely no idea. He's right there. They walk to the lady, check in with her again, and get their clue.

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