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FloZach and Ken and Gerard meet up as they start the Hard Sell, which FloZach has chosen. Zach tells Flo that first, he wants to grab a raincoat. "No, Zach, we don't have time-uh!" she screams. Man, she makes me want to drive a nail into my eyeball. In an interview, Zach says that he and Flo knew the Bald Snark had tried the Easy Buy and it didn't work out, so they thought they'd try the Hard Sell and stay with Ken and Gerard for a while, hoping for a better outcome. "Who am I selling this to?" she screeches as they start out. Would you like to guess who's hauling the shoulder basket? Nah, too easy.

Ken and Gerard start by trying to unload their entire load of fruit for the full 40,000 that they need to finish the task. Wait a Kenny offering to throw in a toothbrush? What the hell? FloZach starts out more modestly. Flo sells two pieces of fruit for 2,000. Then she turns to Zach, and once again, she shrieks: "We need 40,000?" I've reached a point where I'm trying to save up all my "shut up, Flo" for one really good occasion each week. I think this might be it. We're about halfway through, so it's as good a time as any. Shut up, Flo.

Elsewhere, Ian is looking for the water coconut. No luck. Derek and Drew are right behind him. No luck.

The sellers continue slogging away. Ken and Gerard try again to sell the whole lot for 40,000, but it doesn't seem to be working. FloZach, meanwhile, sell another little bunch for 5,000.

Ian and Teri find the water coconut lady at long last. Derek and Drew follow Asshat right to it. As the rain pours, these two teams collect their clues. The clue tells them to go back to Ho Chi Minh City and head to 2A Ton Duc Thang, District 1, at the edge of the Saigon River. Phil explains...well, that the route marker is at the edge of the Saigon River.

Sopping wet, Derek receives the clue for the twins.

Ken and Gerard have found an little twist to the instructions. The instructions say that if you run out of fruit, you can go back and get more. So they switch gears and go for the giant discount. They're going to be the Barnes & Noble of Vietnamese fruit-selling. They offer their entire haul of fruit for 10,000 (or about 61 cents). Unsurprisingly, at that price, the fruit starts to move. They go back for more. FloZach, meanwhile, hits 11,000 earned, and then 13,000. The Bald Snark, meanwhile, goes back for another shoulder basket, which they sell for another 10,000. FloZach hits 17,000, and then 17,500.

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