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Ferry dusted

Asshat arrives at the clue box and steps inside a stand to read the clue. The twins are right behind them, so I guess they remain ahead of FloZach. Both Asshat and the twins go in search of the water coconut.

Out on the water, Ken and Gerard's hunt for the water coconut continues not to go well. They ask and ask, but they can't see very well because of all the rain, and a lot of the sellers have packed up and gone inside, not to mention covering up their wares so that you can't see what anyone is selling. They start to talk about going back. Noooo! They're not going to switch Detours again, are they? My goodness.

Derek and Drew and Asshat take off in their boats.

Ken and Gerard are fed up with being out on the water. They decide to give up and go back. Man. These guys are switching Detours almost every time now. They're turning into compulsive explorers of their options. This is how middle-aged male movie stars wind up dumping their wives and marrying their co-stars, you know. ("In this Detour, teams must choose between Faithful Spouse and Faithless Hussy.")

Commercials. If you really want good pictures of your vacation, you could even ask your driver to slow down while you take them. Just a suggestion.

As Ken and Gerard head back and Ian and Teri head out, the teams pass each other. Not wanting Ian and Teri to figure out what a hard time they had with the task, Ken and Gerard give them a half-assed "Wooo!" as they pass. Then Ken and Gerard pass Derek and Drew. "Get! Out!" Kenny yells. "The Wonder Twins have umbrellas!" And indeed they do. Heh. I have to say, they look charming and everything, but I would think that would not be a good use of backpack space if they've been carrying them for very long. Maybe they just bought them, which might not be a bad idea if they have extra money. But they look kind of like Mary Poppins.

FloZach arrives at last. "Come on, Z!" Flo yells as she gets out of the cab. The next thing we see is Flo, standing somewhere dry, holding her hands out in absolute puzzlement, making this disgusted, what-the-hell-are-you-doing face. "I'm taking the bags out of the trunk," Zach tells her, "because I don't know if he's going to stay or leave." She wears exactly the expression that a mother who just told her four-year-old for the fiftieth time not to hit his little brother would wear, and she points under the tent. "Put them under this tent!" she orders. And believe me, when I say "orders," I am saying "orders." That's not a suggestion, it's not an idea, and it's certainly not an offer of help. The full sentence it comes from is "you put them under this tent right now." That's the tone. Zach voices over: "I didn't know how we were going to proceed, really. Flo and I are at each other's throats arguing, was really bad." Yes, it is really bad. Back under the tent, she is complaining again. "You need to ask me-uh," she says. You know that way that twelve-year-old girls have of saying, "Why are you yelling at me-uh?" Flo talks that way. "This is so fucked up," she says, apparently angry at the weather or something. It's not clear what her malfunction is today, other than basically being an enormously spoiled brat. The best thing about that scene is that it gives you yet another opportunity to see Zach carrying Flo's pack.

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