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Previously on Your Loins In The Fountain: After a record-breaking seven legs in Europe (the longest stretch on any continent in the show's history), it was time to go to Kuala Lumpur and play with digital cameras. When that was over, it was off to Singapore to meet some mermaids or, in the alternative, a strange man with a great big mole. Flo and Drew continued the plodding flirt, while Zach at last started showing signs of a long-overdue slow burn. Kenny flipped Flo's switches just to see what lights and sirens would go on. Kodak got a PR boost, while the YMCA took a rhetorical slam, but landed a practical advantage by not actually having to accommodate Flo. After sliding a bit in recent legs, Derek and Drew resumed their winning ways, and finished first. Teri and Ian blew an early lead, but in the end, they managed to land on the mat ahead of John Vito and Jill, who were Philiminated and rode off into the sunset. "Who will be eliminated..." Trent Lott apologizes several more times. "…tonight?"

Credits. The word "harpy" comes from the Greek Harpyia, a reference to winged, clawed creatures with the faces and bodies of women. Boys are widely believed to have a better sense of direction than girls at young ages. Zagat's has called New York's Proof a "win-win" location, particularly complimenting its "cave-like" downstairs lounge. [BOMP.]

Weird time-lapse sky footage brings us back to Singapore. (Hey, there's Kevin, face-down in the gutter! Shout-out!) Phil explains that Mount Faber was the tenth pit stop. Unfortunately, the shirt Phil is sporting is a weak, dirty brown. People, people -- blending Phil into the ground like this will not make heartbeats accelerate. Eat-sleep-mingle looks like it was oodles of fun at this pit stop, if only because they had dinner at Pee Wee's Playhouse. Or at least it looks like they did, judging by the brightly-colored cartoon chairs. I can't help but notice that the table is getting pretty small. That may seem unimportant, but it's the kind of thing that used to make the Big Brother houseguests contemplate their own mortality and stuff. Ah, thoughts of the Big Brother houseguests' mortality...good times. Anyway, clues and sealed envelopes and crack-monkey Exposition Hands all participate in explaining the rules of the game. Over a shot of an allegedly seductive Flo lolling about while swathed in white sheets, Phil wonders whether the tension between Zach and Flo will do them in. He also wonders whether Teri and Ian, who he tells us again are the oldest team ever to get this far, will rise from last place or be booted.

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