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They did. Luke and Margie are the first to find the Double U-Turn sign outside the right cultural center's wrought-iron gate, but they pass on U-Turning anyone. Moving on to the next clue, which is in the box right next to the U-Turn sign. According to it, they'll be leaving Kunming and traveling to a place called the Stone Forest, which looks like a rocky field marked by natural stone columns standing dramatically upright. They're back on their way, in what looks like actual morning now. Margie reiterates that they're not U-Turning because they believe they're in first place. She doesn't mention that she and Luke have enough bad U-Turn karma to last them the rest of their lives.

Back at the solar task, Kent and Vyxsin are finishing up in seventh place. In the cab on the way to the cultural center, she says, "We have a chance at U-Turning somebody, if we haven't already been U-Turned ourselves." Gary and Mallory have finished the theater task, so they have their clue in eighth place. Mallory doesn't fail to make a dramatic face at the reminder of the upcoming Double U-Turn.

Jaime and Cara are out of their cab, but they think they're at the wrong place. Jet and Cord spot them and get out. Kent and Vyxsin do the same, but they're smart enough to show their photo to their driver before they go haring off looking for it. Flight Time and Big Easy finish the Detour in last place after the sun is up. The Cowboys find the Double U-Turn sign next, and also decline to use it. They read their Stone Forest clue in second place. As they're running back to their cab, Kent sees them and asks if they found it. The Cowboys, for whatever reason, agree to point them in the right direction, in a tiny moment that could have changed the whole outcome of the leg if it had gone the other way. Next thing we see, the Goths are in a footrace with the cheerleaders for the U-Turn. "Keep 'em behind us and we'll U-Turn them," Kent stage-whispers to Vyxsin. Kent gets to the clue box first, followed by Jaime, then Vyxsin, with Cara bringing up the rear .The cheerleaders have to step back and wait while they watch the Goths stick their own picture on the sign, in a clear signal that they're going to be U-Turning somebody.

Kent asks who they should do. If you have to ask, you shouldn't be using the U-Turn. Jaime and Cara argue for the Globetrotters. Kent asks them, "Who are you all gonna do?" In another tiny but pivotal moment, Jaime and Cara make the potentially fatal mistake of saying there's no one else behind them. Bad move, that. Kent is shuffling through the photos of the potential U-Turn victims while Vyxsin keeps saying, "Globes, they're the strongest." But Kent sticks up Jaime and Cara's photo, right in front of them. Cold! "Sorry, it's the only way we're gonna survive," he says as they leave Jaime and Cara staring disgustedly at their own picture. Remember blind U-Turns? This was an In Your Face U-Turn.

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