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Gary and Mallory are at the theater, with her chanting, "catch up, catch up." A the solar building, Kent and Vyxsin are trying to lift two boxes stacked on top of each other, which Kent can't do. But, seeing the Cowboys pass them on the stairs while using the successful method pioneered by Jaime and Cara, Kent wants to try that method. If only Vyxsin will stop spazzing out at him long enough to explain it to her.

Gary and Mallory are working on the theater task. And here come the Globetrotters, arriving at last (and in last) at the solar building. Hopefully people weren't counting on hot showers this early. Kent and Vyxsin are still struggling with getting their boxes moved, because they could probably both fit inside one of them together. Jaime and Cara are finished, and get their clue in fifth place. And the Globetrotters are simply muscling those huge boxes up the stairs on their shoulders. In the cab, a sweaty Jaime grimly says, "We will U-Turn if we have to." Vyxsin continues to be frustrated with Kent's slowness. You know, like he did with her during the last leg when her brain kept going Blue Screen of Death, except for how he did the opposite of that. The Cowboys get their clue in sixth pace. "Pretty place," Jet remarks, looking a the photo. It's nice how they take time to enjoy the experience, if only for a third of a second.

Now it's a race to the U-Turn. Ron and Christina seem to be arriving first, although he nearly closes the cab door in her face when he gets out, eliciting an indignant squawk from her. Along with those two, the sisters and Team Asperger's are racing to it on foot, and Justin calls out, "No need to get dirty here, we're in the front." Or are they? Everyone runs around, and when there's no clue box in evidence, Christina says they need to go back to their cabs. They run past the people doing early-morning tai chi on the sidewalk (the kind of moment on this show that would look racist if it weren't actually happening) and back to where the taxis are waiting. Christina tells her driver in Mandarin, "This is Kunming Cultural Center, not the Yunnan Province Cultural Center. We want to go to the Yunnan Cultural Center." The problem is obvious: too many cultural centers. Zev, Justin, and Jen watch in confusion until Christina explains, "He brought us to the wrong place." That, they understand. Back into the cabs. "Every inch counts when there's a Double U-Turn coming up, "Justin says. Kisha just hopes the "solar people" didn't get there first.

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