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Zev and Justin have figured out their mistake, and soon correct it. Past: Honored! Ron and Christina have just learned their first try was wrong as well. Zev and Justin get their clue, which contains a photo of the place they need to go to next. According to the subtitles, that's the Chinese Minority Heritage Center. It also warns, "Caution, Double U-Turn ahead," in case you forgot because you're the guy from Memento. Standing next to the Double U-Turn sign, Phil reminds us that two teams can slow down two other teams by making them do both Detours. I still don't love the U-Turn, but at least doubling it ensures a two-way race for last. Zev and Justin are on their way, with Kisha and Jen in second place. Soon both lead teams are back in their own clothes and out on the sidewalk, asking people for directions to the place in the photo, or indeed what the photo is. Ron and Christina get their clue in third place. When they get outside, the other two teams are still trying to figure out how to get there, so clearly their mistake was getting ahead of Ron and Christina in the first place. Christina tells her driver in Mandarin, "Yunnan Province Cultural Center," which is not the same thing the subtitle said a minute ago. Meanwhile, the Globetrotters are still trying to find the building for the solar task. "Hopefully everybody is having the same problem," Big Easy hopes, hopefully.

Jaime and Cara are not having that problem. They arrive and start carrying up one box of tubes between the two of them. On the rooftop, Luke notifies Margie of their arrival, like she didn't hear them coming. Kent and Vyxsin show up while the cheerleaders get busy installing their first box of tubes before going back down for more. Vyxsin nags Kent to go faster up the stairs as they also carry one box between them. This is what happens, Vyxsin, when you date a dude made out of pipe cleaners. Margie and Luke have already finished and earned their clue, so they're off to the Cultural Canter. Future: Embraced! They meet Kent and Vyxsin coming down, causing Vyxsin no end of frustration with Kent's slow progress. "It's a race for a million dollars, you can't walk up some stairs?" she harangues. Kent is either too diplomatic to respond or too winded. Jet and Cord are here as well. Now that they're on the rooftop, Vyxsin gets to be frustrated with Kent's apparent inability to install any of the tubes. Jet and Cord start with their first box. Jaime and Cara initiate a clever system where they each hold one end of two boxes and walk along between them. Kent is still bumbling. "Kent, just put it in," Vyxsin snaps, probably not for the first time in their relationship. The Cowboys are now on the roof and the Goths hare heading back down.

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