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To the arches, which tower into the lightening sky. Ron and Christina find the clue box first, with Zev and Justin right behind them. "Honor the Past or Embrace the Future," Christina reads from the Detour clue. Phil narrates, "China is the world's fastest-growing nation, but its people also work hard to preserve its unique cultural history." Hence the Detour choices, which otherwise have absolutely nothing to do with each other. For the Detour called "Honor the Past," they'll "watch a traditional Tibetan performance while testing their powers of perception and memory." But how hard can it be to memorize a show that consists of Tibet being crushed under a giant boot? Actually, the "performance" seems to consist of a bunch of people in different traditional costumes parading around a stage. After watching it without being allowed to take notes, the re-racers will head into a curtained alcove to arrange miniature versions of all fifteen of the performers in the correct order. For "Embrace the Future," Phil claims that they'll take a solar water heating system from a truck, carry it to the roof of a six-story building, and assemble it. It's not as hard as it sounds, because the frame and the tank are already in place, and all they'll have to do is carry and install a couple dozen long, plastic tubes. "When every last one of the solar tubes is correctly in place," Phil says from the nighttime rooftop, "the supervisor will give them their next clue." Christina announces that they're doing "Honor the Past," and Justin unabashedly tells us, "We're gonna go where they go," not even bothering to pretend that they're running their own race. Margie and Luke get to the clue box in third place and opt for the solar tubes. "It just seems like an easier task," Margie says, using words that sound a lot like famous last ones. Kisha and Jen are right behind them, but there are no elbows at the clue box before the sisters decide on the memory task. Team Go Team, the Goths, Gary and Mallory, and the Cowboys all get out of their cabs, and some (particularly the Cowboys) are briefly distracted by the McDonald's they pass on the way to the arches. Not the Golden Arches they're looking for. Somehow, despite their earlier cab troubles, the Globetrotters get to the clue box in fifth place and decide on "Embrace the Future." Unfortunately, once they get underway, they don't seem confident in their cabdriver's ability to find it. She has clearly not embraced the part of the future that has GPS in it.

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