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Margie and Luke, who won the first half of this leg, are high-fiving each other in the cab on the way to the train station. But when they arrive at the ticket window -- at 12:01 PM, a mere four hours after this leg effectively began -- they're told that the next train to Kunming leaves at 7:05 PM. "[We'll] all be on the same train," Margie says ruefully. Of course. What would a non-elimination leg be if there were consequences for coming in last? Although I can't say I miss the Speed Bump, because they were mostly dumb.

Kent and Vyxsin have arrived in Old Town. They make short work of the prayer wheel with the Chinese zodiac on it (she's a horse and he's a rabbit, should you care, in which case I'm sorry), and make their smartest move of this leg by opting for the Hammer task of the Detour. "I don't want to have to navigate," Vyxsin says. As with the Cowboys on the second episode, the editing shifts deceptively into "Doomed Losers" mode as we watch them make the candy, then finish and start heading uphill through town to find Phil, while talking about what they'll be jumping off of if they get eliminated. When they reach the mat at last, Phil is appropriately grave as he tells them they're the last team to arrive. But they cheer up in a hurry as he tells them they're still racing and gives them the next clue. He's also got bad news: "You chose to take an alternate flight from Tokyo to Kunming." Well, after they missed the required flight, their other choices were either staying in Tokyo or walking to Kunming. "It specifically told you what flights you were allowed to take. For that you have incurred a thirty-minute penalty and you will need to wait that out before I check you in to the next Pit Stop." They take that in stride, because it's not like they're in a position to be picky right now. "Thank you for this next clue, Phil," Vyxsin says, like she's talking to a boss who has decided not to fire her just yet. They open the clue and read all about the Double U-Turn, and as they run off, Phil calls after them, "Go hard, guys. You've still got a chance!" Don't remind us.

So they find a cab to the train station, and on the ride, they agree not to tell anyone about their penalty, figuring that if the other re-racers know about it, they'll want to U-Turn them. I think they'll want to U-Turn them anyway for blowing this last leg so spectacularly and then catching up in spite of it all, but as Vyxsin says to Kent, "You're so smart." So he must know something I don't, besides the chemical symbol for Bismuth.

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