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The Hip Bone's Connected to the What Now?

Flight Time and Big Easy arrive as Team Number Six, which makes them pretty happy. "Bring it in," Phil says as they hug. "Double-U-Turn that, baby," Big Easy repeats.

Out at the Stone Forest, Christina finishes, so she and Ron are moving on in seventh place. "We're down to two teams," Zev says. He calls encouragement to Justin. Jaime, meanwhile, can't seem to reach her tail segment even perched on top of her step stool. Cara yells encouragement, but Justin's already calling for a check.'s wrong. But he only has the ribs out of order, so that's relatively easy to fix. He reorders them while Jaime finishes up -- and she gets a no as well. She's at a loss as to what she did wrong. And Justin's done, so it's not looking good for Team Go Team. Jaime says, "I can't take this whole thing apart. I can't physically do it." Zev and Justin get their clue and head out. Jaime calls to Cara that her middle crosspiece has to come off and flip around, like that's anyone else's fault. "Now I think we definitely are doomed," Cara quietly tells us. Jaime falls off her step stool, but at least she had her arms wrapped around the tail to break her fall. It's all about safety here.

At Green Lake Park, Ron and Christina get out of their cab. Once again, Zev and Justin are right behind them, so it's a footrace. Ron reaches the mat first, just ahead of Justin, but he doesn't actually step on it until Cristina tells him to, a half-second before Justin joins him. Christina beats Zev to the mat, but only barely. It's a photo finish, and Phil tells them they're teams seven and eight, although it's not really clear which is which until the subtitles identify Ron and Christina as the seventh-place team, with Zev and Justin in eighth. And with nine teams left, we know what that means.

Jaime has to finish wrestling those bones, and Cara says, "She's physically exhausted, suffering." Only Cara says it more sympathetically than most people would. Jaime confirms it: "I want to stop being miserable. Pure miserable torture." Has she considered therapy? Oh, she means the dinosaur. Finally she gets her clue and insincerely tells her paleontologist, "Awesome, thanks." They make it to Green Lake Park, and Cara says, "Let's finish this race!" Phil says their names, and again, Cara finishes, "We are the last team to arrive." Cara says. "And I'm sorry to tell you you have been eliminated," Phil adds this time. They take it pretty well. "Thinks just didn't go your way," Phil prompts. Jaime says they never do, like getting to run seventeen more legs of the Amazing Race than most people get to is such a bummer. Post-leg, she interviews, "By the end I was so physically tired and I could only go as fast as I was actually going. And I think Cara at least wanted me to finish it." Which makes Cara seem like the hard-ass, but I think we can all imagine how Jaime would have behaved while watching Cara struggle as much as she did. Rather than pointing that out, Cara agrees that they aren't a quitting team, "And it certainly would have been nice for us to win, but not everyone can win the race. And I do think it was worth it for us to come back." Abrupt cut to club-music credits!

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