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The Hip Bone's Connected to the What Now?

Margie and Luke are team number three.

Kisha says she's ready, and she gets her clue in fourth place. Kent gets his in fifth, and Vyxsin yells that she's so proud of him. Back to the visitor center, where Jen and Kisha discover that their cab has left. Seriously? What is it about Kunming cabs that they can't wait for a damn fare? Clearly they need more bars and grilles in them. Big Easy, Justin, and Jaime continue to work, although she's starting to look pretty defeated. "I can't breathe," she pants. Jen and Kisha watch helplessly as Kent and Vyxsin jump into a cab ahead of them, saying they might still be in it. Only then do Jen and Kisha secure a cab.

Big Easy is probably the only re-racer who doesn't have to use a step-stool to attach the end of the tail. The paleontologist is satisfied with his work, and both Globetrotters whoop in victory. "Sure noisy," Cara drily remarks to Zev at the waiting area. "Double U-Turn that!" one of the Globetrotters crows. Justin and Jaime both look increasingly worried. The Globetrotters head out as Cara says to Zev, "And then there were three." Christina is still building, and so is Justin, and Jaime says, "I don't want to go home." Well, you don't want to go back to India, either, so look on the bright side.

Kent and Vyxsin are the fourth team to arrive at the mat, but they still have that thirty-minute penalty to wait out. "And hopefully," Phil says, "all the other teams won't check in before your penalty is over." Hopeful for whom, exactly? They go sit on the edge of the stone circle while the onscreen clock begins ticking.

Christina, Justin, and Jaime are still building, and Jaime still does not want to go home. An Amazing Cameraman gets all arty, shooting Christina from a distance and then changing focus so we can see a spider on its web in the extreme foreground. The deeply symbolic meaning of this image can be interpreted as, "Christina is taking so long on this that we had time to set up arty deep-focus shots."

Kent and Vyxsin are still in the imaginary penalty box when Kisha and Jen show up as the fifth team. But the sisters are actually in fourth place, due to that penalty. They're pretty happy about it. Kent and Vyxsin talk about how much it would suck to be out now, "right when we are sort of hitting our stride and getting our game back." She's right, they should have been gone last week.

The Globetrotters are arriving at the park, but they still have to find Phil. While they're doing that, Phil calls the Goths over to the mat to check them in, and they scramble over in time to secure fifth place. "Number five is alive!" Vyxsin says. Whoa, a Short Circuit reference! Look out!

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