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The Hip Bone's Connected to the What Now?

Back at the dinosaur field, they're working on their dinosaurs with varying degrees of success. Jaime has actually mounted hers and appears to be joylessly humping it to get the hips in place, while Justin has resorted to hammering at the jammed crosspiece with his stepstool. And denting the shit out of the latter, so...I think I just ran out of parallels with my adolescence. Kent calls for a check, but his is still wrong. Vyxsin is fretting, "We need to get to the Pit Stop a full thirty minutes before another team or we're out of the race. If he can't get it together, we're, like, in so much trouble." She says it like it's a bad thing. Meanwhile, Kent climbs the step stool to fix the dinosaur's tail -- and promptly falls off of it. A rare commercial outro punctuated with comedy!

Back from the ads, Kent finishes adjusting his tail and calls the paleontologists over for a check. They're still not satisfied. Kent still can't figure out that his hanging pelvis bone is pointing the wrong way. Vyxsin is still worried. Christina realizes that her hip bone is backwards as well, so she has to start taking the whole thing apart. That's the trouble with a bipedal dinosaur; if they were four-legged plant-eaters it would be a lot easier to adjust the load-bearing bones. Jen calls encouragement out to Kisha. While trying to fix the spine, Christina loses control of it and it flips off over her shoulder to the ground. Didn't break, though, which means the dinosaur will be able to walk again. Justin finally gets that crosspiece loose. Kent returns to the diagram, sees his mistake, and goes back to fix it. "Take my wonderful creation all the way apart," he says, dutifully unracking ribs as though he's a frustrated artist (I'm not saying he isn't, but a setback in assembling a wooden dinosaur puzzle isn't what makes him one). Big Easy is manhandling bones. "Do it for the hood!" Flight Time calls out, dusting off yet another old episode title. Jaime is looking worn out, resting her head on her stepstool. "Oh, God, she's losing it," Cara says, as though that's not a daily occurrence. Jaime sheds her sweatshirt, earning an appreciative glance from the paleontologist who doesn't realize that Jaime is unsafe.

Kent and Christina flip their respective pelvi, so now it's just a matter of reassembling the tail, torso, head, and arms all over again. Jaime is trying to get her hipbones together, but there's a gap between joints. "It's not safe? " she asks the paleontologist, who shakes his head. Standing on the top step of her stool, Jaime pulls the piece loose, then topples backward onto the ground, tripping backwards over the spine on the ground and nearly dropping the whole assembly on herself. Good think she's making it safe.

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