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The Hip Bone's Connected to the What Now?

Jet and Cord arrive at the Stone Forest in fifth place. Jet takes this one, as Cord did the last two. I like how that's their only criterion for picking who does what.

Back at the dig site, the hip orientation continues to be a problem for re-racers who aren't Kent (and it is for him as well, he just doesn't know it yet). Jet arrives and runs right out, but a paleontologist stops Kisha, warning, "Not safe." She has to take that section back apart, just as Jet is forcing his dinosaur's hips together, saying, "That's one piece I hope I don't have to take out." It's like assembling prehistoric IKEA furniture. The Globetrotters are arriving, and Flight Time says that since this is probably "strong-arm," Big Easy takes it. "If we can survive this we can survive anything, baby," Flight Time says on the ride to the field, then yells, "We passed them old dirty redheads!" Them old dirty redheads are opening the clue at Stone Forest in seventh place, and Jaime's taking this one.

Out in the field, Christina is trying to hammer her hipbone together with her Amazing Purse. Whatever their language advantages might be in China, her luggage is really taking a beating. Big Easy shows up, to Jet's surprise. The Cheerleaders arrive as well. Kent looks ready to attach his tail segment, but the camera getting a close-up of his dinosaur's underhanging pelvic bones pointing the wrong way thinks otherwise.

Finally, the last two teams arrive. Justin, in eighth place with Zev, says he'll do it, and Gary is taking this as well. "Don't freak out, please," Zev says as they board the golfcart-train. "As long as we don't see the Globetrotters and Jaime and Cara we're okay, Justin says, unaware that those two teams are already ahead of them. So has the Double U-Turn proved a non-issue? I thought so at this point, but I was getting ahead of myself.

Out at the dig site, Christina's getting a "not safe" flag. Jet keeps running back to the diagram, saying he did so more than anyone. He's already starting to hang pairs of ribs on the spine. Jaime, whose pelvic crosspiece is only half-locked in, wonders if it's backwards. Cara calls that she needs to get it the rest of the way in. "If I could get it I would," Jaime snaps back. This is why Cara only provides feedback from a safe distance. Props to the Amazing Cameraman who gets a shot of daylight shining through that empty slot, though. The last two teams arrive, not happy to see the two U-Turned teams ahead of them. Gary and Mallory, realizing that they're among the last teams and taking in what needs to be done, decide to use the Express Pass. Suddenly, just like that, they're in first place, and Mallory reads the clue in a whisper: "Make your way to the next Pit Stop, Green Lake Park." Sure enough, Phil says they need to get back to Kunming and the aforementioned Park. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated." On the train ride back, Mallory admonishes her dad, "After burning that Express Pass, we have to get first, okay?" "Okay," Gary practically shrugs, like he's perfectly aware that it's not entirely up to him.

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