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The Hip Bone's Connected to the What Now?

Kisha's doing this one, and they get on a golfcart-train to get there. Ron and Christina get the Stone Forest in second place. Wow, that's a recovery, or else they were just waiting to use their home court advantage until nobody was following them. Margie and Luke are close behind, though. Christina and Margie will be doing this Road Block.

Kisha arrives at the "dig sites," and takes a moment to copy at least part of the diagram onto her note pad before getting to work. As she gets started with a leg, the other two teams show up. Ron calls to Christina in Mandarin, "Work hard, work hard, take your time," which is unusually supportive from him. The first major challenge with these puzzles seems to be getting their pelvises properly oriented. As is so often the case in everyday life.

The Goths arrives at the Stone Garden. "I love dinosaurs," Kent says as he takes this one. Of course he does; he's a Goth, and what's deader than a dinosaur, after all? Margie is trying to reorient her model's hipbone, but once slid together, they don't come back apart easily. Christina's having the same problem. Kent and Vyxsin arrive, and Vyxsin hugs Jen at the waiting area, like they're best buddies. Vyxsin chooses this moment to reveal that they'll have a 30-minute penalty when they get to the Pit Stop at the end of this leg. "We didn't mean to, like, lie, but we kind of fudged around the truth of what happened yesterday," she says, light-pink-faced. Ron takes the opportunity get all sanctimonious to the camera, comparing the Goths to kabuki dancers hiding behind their masks. Whatever, Ron, if I want a morality lesson from you I'll ask your daughter.

On the highway to the Stone Garden, the Globetrotters actually pass the cheerleaders. "It just goes to show that when your taxicab driver decides that he needs to get gas, time can really be made up," Cara says. Too bad they couldn't find a cab driver who was willing to drive until the tank was empty and they were stranded by the side of the road. They'd really zoom to the front then.

Zev/Justin and Gary/Mallory pull up at what is, believe it or not, the building that was the site of the solar task earlier. I'm thinking their confused driver got on the horn with dispatch, who was like, "Pairs of stressed-out Americans who don't know anything, traveling with camera and sound crews? I don't know, we sent a bunch of them to Great Wall Asset Management earlier, try that." Zev gets out, hollering, "Stone Forest?" at anyone who might be passing by. Justin picks up a rock next to a tree and then pats the tree to convey the ideas of "stone" and "forest." Amazingly, that seems to get the concept across. Both teams are back on their way, but very worried.

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