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The Hip Bone's Connected to the What Now?

After a quick stop back at the cultural center, Jaime and Cara are on their way to the Stone Forest. The Globetrotters all reach the theater, hoping to "Catch 'em." Something about this building's entrance seems to make people want to say that. Like the cheerleaders, they also seem to succeed on the first try, and head back.

Jaime is pissed off at their driver because he has to stop and get gas. Even Cara is rushing him along, so he must be taking his sweet time. Jaime flashes back to Hawaii. "Our driver stopped for gas there, too." Yep, there it is. Back in the present, Jaime snots that it's a race for everyone but them. "Let's go," she says from the back seat. Flight Time and Big Easy are back at the U-Turn sign, opening their clue to the Stone Forest.

Zev/Justin seem to be lost, and Gary and Mallory are behind them. But the latter team has an Express Pass, remember? "We're not in good shape right now," Justin says. The smart thing to do, if anyone knew for sure they were behind, would have been to U-Turn Gary and Mallory, forcing them to use their Express Pass and thus neutralizing two twists that a lot of people hate anyway.

Jen and Kisha are the first to arrive at the Stone Forest and find the marked path leading into the park. The clue box is under a pagoda-shaped picnic shelter. Kisha reads the Road Block question, "Who's ready for a task 65 million years in the making?" which tells you right away that this is going to have something to do with dinosaurs. Do they get to ride one?

Phil narrates, "Here in Yunnan province, paleontologists have unearthed the oldest and largest dinosaur fossils ever found in China." Then we see him speaking at a normal speed while behind him, a guy assembling one of those wooden dinosaur puzzles in time-lapse photography. Not sure how they did that without a green screen. You know those dinosaur puzzles I'm talking about, right? You do if you know a kid who likes dinosaurs. They're basically little wooden cutouts shaped like dinosaur bones that that have slots in them that allow you to fit them together in the shape of a miniature dinosaur, like . Only the dinosaurs in this task are twenty feet long and made out of plywood. Okay, that's cool. I want to do that. Phil continues, "In this Road Block, teams pay homage to all [the paleontologists'] painstaking work by putting together a life-size dinosaur." They'll each find a "dig site" where a set of "bones" is scattered around a step-stool. There's also a big sign -- one sign -- with a diagram of a Dilophosaurus (a long-tailed, two-legged meat eater) that they'll use for reference as they assemble their models. Phil warns, "They must make sure the dinosaur's joints are properly in place as they go, or a paleontologist will stop them if their dinosaur is unsafe." Because these paleontologists are also structural engineers, apparently. But if they do it right, the paleontologist will give them their next clue.

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