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Victoria makes her leap, and as she gets reeled back in tells Brad, "You have every right to be jealous!" Finally the Flight Attendant is up. "Okay, next jumper," the operator calls, rather insensitively if you ask me. "I hope you're a bit nervous," he adds once she's in position. I think the reason the Race keeps having bungee jumps is because the most frightened jumper always provides a nice spot for a commercial break. As the Flight Attendant does now.

After the break, we finally learn that the Flight Attendant in question is Jodi. And when the time comes she doesn't balk, complain, or even hesitate; she just sacks up and does it, holding her breath as she goes off. "I'm so glad that's over," she tells her jump-cam in a perfectly normal tone of voice. Can't ask for more than that. Off to Interlaken for them.

Tammy and Victor have just arrived back at the Locarno train station, and are told that the next train leaves in five minutes. The Stuntmen are getting train advice from their cabbie as he drops them off, and Luke and Margie are working out the division of labor when they de-cab: she'll pay and he'll get the backpacks out of the trunk. "I just want to get the train that all the other teams ahead of us are on," Mike says in the cab with his dad. Tammy and Victor are still waiting on the platform when Mark and Michael arrive, waving across the tracks at them. Tammy wants to keep quiet, but Victor points out that with three minutes left, the stuntmen are going to make the train anyway and there's no point in making enemies this early on. But he wants to split the difference by saying they're not sure. When the other teams arrive, Victor starts by telling them, "This is the story," and then he claims that they're not sure but they're taking the risk, "because it's right here, right now." His downplaying of it doesn't fool anyone, and everyone gets on the train. Mel calls them out: "It's not that we don't trust you," he "jokes." "It's just that we don't trust you." Nice job not making enemies, Victor. Now everyone just thinks you're a weasel.

Back at the dam, Kris makes the jump at 8:41, followed by Jaime at 8:49, then Preston at 8:58, Jen at 8:07, and finally Steve at 9:14. You can tell because of these new name-and-time subtitles. However, if I'm expected to remember which one of the cheerleaders is Jaime and which one of the sisters is Jen while their faces are distorted by screaming and high winds, I'm just not up for it. But fortunately Jen is helping me out by wearing a black-and-white striped hat. I'm going to count on her to hold onto that for the rest of the leg. Steve and Linda take off for the train station, still in last place. Lucky for them last only counts at the end of the leg.

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