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At the dam, Victor is getting strapped into his harness. Luke frightens himself with a look over the railing. Victor climbs the stairs to the platform and gets a load of what he's in for. He narrates that he didn't know he had a fear of heights until now. Other jumpers are also getting nervous. "I'm not happy," Mike admits with a sickly grin. Even sicklier than usual, that is. Victor stands on the edge of the platform with the face of the dam at his side rather then behind him, probably so his body doesn't slap against it when he swings back. The operator counts him down, and he lets himself fall. He plummets into the abyss for approximately forever. "That was, like, Amazing," he says as he gets reeled up. The leap has an effect on the people watching above; apparently Tammy had an arm around Mark pretty tightly. "I'm scared now that I looked down," Luke signs to his mom. Back on the platform, Victor gets his clue envelope. It reads, "Take a train to Interlaken." Well, that's anticlimactic.

Phil tells us that in Interlaken, the teams will need to find a place called Kleine Rugen Wiese. Tammy and Victor are off to the train station. Meanwhile the Flight Attendants have arrived, and the more Kelly Ripa-looking one of them clearly regrets having decided to take this one when she reads, "Perform the second-highest bungee-jump in the world." Well, what did she expect? As they run towards the platform, Michael is already poised for his leap. He claims that as stuntmen, he and Mark don't have any fear. "Our background, it speaks for itself." And then he cries and shits his pants. No, not really; he leaps with a boisterous "Yaaaaah!" Of course his breath doesn't last him all the way down, because that's like a ten-minute fall. The Flight Attendant who's about to do this is freaking out. "This'll be the most amazing thing you'll ever do," her partner promises. Is that the right thing to say? "Do this and you'll know you peaked early."

Amanda and Kris have arrived, and are still reading the clue when Team Go Team jogs up. Kris is doing it for their team, but I couldn't tell you which of the cheerleaders is going even if it mattered. By now, Mark and Michael have gotten their clue and are off in second place. Margie hugs Luke goodbye as the nervous Flight Attendant meditates. Preston and Jennifer have gotten here in ninth place, and Preston is taking it for their team. The Flight Attendant can't even look at her partner's face now. It's time for Luke's jump, and he lets himself just sort of topple off the platform, as though not jumping as high will make a difference when he's likely to reach terminal velocity either way. "That was so cool, I loved it," he tells his mom once he's safely back on the dam. As Mike gets ready to leap, Mel says, "That's my son. He's gonna keep me through my old age." Which is an odd thing to say moments before said son hurls himself into a seven-hundred-foot chasm. Mike bellows "Geronimo!" as he goes over. The Flight Attendant looks like she's about to vomit. She should wait until she gets on the platform and then she can race it down. The last two teams have arrived, and Steve and either Kisha or Jen is going for it. As they race along the top of the dam towards the platform, Steven tries to psych out the sisters: "You know those things, they'll bounce back and break your neck, don't you?" But it doesn't matter, because Linda can't keep up and they are, according to Steve's insightful analysis, "last again."

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