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The Stuntmen arrive at Valle Verzasca first, and read the clue: "Who has nerves of steel?" Well, obviously it's a bungee-jump roadblock, which is illustrated by a shot of a screaming human projectile hurtling down the concrete face of the dam. You've already seen someone diving off this dam before, if you've seen Goldeneye. Odd how this is the second time I've had call to reference that movie in as many seasons. An Amazing Producer must be a fan. But if you haven't seen Goldeneye, try picturing the Hoover Dam, if the Hoover Dam were dark gray and stretched across a river gorge so deep that it appears to reach all the way down to the center of the earth. Anyway, Phil tells us that this is the second-highest bungee-jump in the world, and after it's done, the team will get their next clue. Tammy and Victor are right behind the Stuntmen, and Victor's taking it for them. It becomes a footrace, and he ends up beating the brothers to the jump platform. And I'd like to thank the editors for showing the grayer-haired stuntman brother introducing himself to the jump operator with a cheerful, "I'm Michael." Very helpful. For the next two teams to arrive, Luke and Mike (the latter resplendent in a red "Yeast Lords" trucker cap) are taking this one. Brad and Victoria get a gander at the dam coming around a curve in their cab, and their driver tells them, "That's the biggest in Europe." They are suitably impressed. When they arrive at the clue box, Victoria's taking it for them. Possibly on the theory that since she's the smaller of the two of them, she'll sproing back quicker.

It must be a short drive to the dam, because the cheerleaders are still waiting by the curb for a cab as it turns 7:45 and the final group of teams is cut loose. Kisha and Jen take their postcard into a café and ask the patrons about the postcard, while I try not to be offended at the fact that the soundtrack for the African-American sisters sounds like a Stevie Wonder electric piano number. Watch it, Amazing Editors. Meanwhile, Amanda|Kris and Preston|Jennifer are getting onto cabs. Finally Team Go Team succeeds in hailing a taxi. "They left fifteen minutes ahead of us," Amanda points out as she spots them departing from inside the back of her and Kris's taxi. With all the cab wrangling, Steve and Linda have somehow gotten bumped up to ninth place. "Go fast but follow the speed limits," Linda asks their driver. His expression says, "I speak English, but that doesn't mean I understand what she wants from me."

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