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Preston and Jennifer are just now arriving at the Locarno station, and he rushes her along so they can have a nice, clean, last-place finish. It's never a good feeling when you're in last place during the first leg. But it's still early, so there's plenty of time to catch up. And then fall behind again, let's hope.

We rejoin the rest of the Racers as they bed down for the night on hay in a bug-infested campground, apparently without benefit of cabins, tents, or mosquito netting. "No one would think a deaf person could make it to the top four," Margie translates for Luke. A bit early for that kind of talk. And also for this: around the campfire, Steve berates Linda, "We're just slow. And there ain't a damn thing you can do about it." Linda's clearly upset already, but apparently Steve thinks that if he can make her cry tonight, she might move faster tomorrow. Well, we shall see.

Early the next morning, the 7:15 departure crowd presents itself back at the church steps, where the same priest hands them their next clue. It's a postcard of a towering dam that reads, what else, "Wish you were here" on the back. Phil explains to us what this means: "Teams must now race to the Verzasca Dam, where they will find their next clue." Have you noticed how in every description of a travel task, Phil is now saying "race" where he used to say "make their way" or "travel by taxi"? Just another way in which the show has jacked things up this season. The stuntman brothers, Mark and Michael, quickly find a cabbie who knows where it is and they're soon on their way. Tammy and Victor cab up in second, with Margie and Luke in third. But the Flight Attendants, with their mighty and powerful travel knowledge, can't find a taxi on the street and decide to stand there waiting around for one to drive by. Oh, dear.

In place of a subtitle, a shot of a picturesque clock tower tells us it's 7:30, as the cheerleaders try to borrow a cell phone to call a taxi in a sidewalk café, and strike out. Apparently redheads can't get arrested in foreign countries. Mel and Mike are already in a cab, having walked around behind the church. And in fifth place, Victoria tells Brad they might catch up with some "seven-fifteeners," which is a term I can't believe I haven't used myself. And they don't even know that they've already passed the Flight Attendants, who have finally secured a cab. "Mas importante," one of them tells their driver in the international language of Spanish. Team Go Team spots Christie and Jodi's cab crossing at the end of the street, for all the good it does them.

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