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The second flight is with Air France, landing in Milan. It carries Kisha|Jen (who, with the aid of a laptop-armed passenger at the airport, learned that Milan, Italy is somehow closer to Locarno, Switzerland than Zurich, Switzerland is); Mel and Mike, who are looking forward to surprising people ("I think the other teams might think my dad is Cloris Leachman, but he's really MacGyver," Mike says); Amanda|Kris, Preston|Jennifer, and Steve|Linda. The last team says they've done some traveling, but nothing on this magnitude. I'd guess that just going to the grocery store for them racks up a significant number of miles. One thing I do appreciate about these two: you know how most teams look like they went shopping and outfitted themselves with all new gear for the Race? Matching outfits, high-tech backpacks, headlamps, ironic t-shirts? Well, Steve and Linda, with their army surplus jackets and backpacks...don't.

As promised, the Lufthansa flight lands first, in Zurich. Fortunately, there's a train station right there in the airport, and the five teams who chose this route board their train to Lucarno without difficulty. The six teams landing in Milan, however, have to actually leave the airport and walk a few blocks to get to their trains, and only five of them get there in time to board the first train to depart. So who gets left behind? We get a clue when Jennifer confesses, "I've never in my life even been to a train station." And she doesn't get to this one on time, either. "Way to go," she mutters as the train leaves without them. It's not certain whether that's aimed at Preston or at themselves as a team, but either way it's not a terribly positive sentiment.

The racers who opted for the Zurich route may have a longer train ride, but they get way better scenery. Brad, in fact, is moved to tears. So while he may be old, we know he isn't crusty. Tammy and Victor interview about what they've observed of Margie and Luke on the train: "Their communication together is amazing!" they marvel, as though they've never seen anyone sign before. Here's a tip, guys: it's rude to eavesdrop.

A slick, 24-style splitscreen serves as the transition to the train from Milan, aboard which the passengers are wondering if they're behind or ahead of the other group. And finally Preston and Jennifer board the next train, as Jennifer says, "There is no love in the air right now... I can't be around frustrated Preston." He's not going to let that slide: "You say stuff that just irritates me because you don't think." Way to talk about your feelings, dude. She advises him to control his anger, and he snaps back at her to control her mouth. I don't think it's her mouth that's the main problem, dude. They bicker like a couple of siblings, as he taunts her that she won't get the last word. I see that Preston is one of those people who always has a reliable communication technique to fall back on when things get tense: "Go nuclear immediately."

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