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Kisha and Jen are sisters, and former college athletes, although it looks like they're still playing a lot of one-on-one basketball these days. My stereotype-detector is going off, but I guess I should be glad that two African-American sisters aren't shown playing tennis. They're looking forward to their first time being on the same team, although not as much to dealing with each other's "issues." Whatever that means.

I hate Preston and Jennifer almost on sight. Preston says that their relationship is a constant battle between them over who's going to be in charge, and claims that when he's the one in control, everything goes right. "That is not true," Jennifer protests. Well, every season needs a trainwreck couple.

Brad and Victoria describe themselves as the "kick-ass older couple." In a departure from the usual demographic on this show, they've been married only nine years. And they look to have spent much of that time in the gym.

Then there's gay father-and-son team Mel and Mike. Mike says he and his dad are both writers, as we see them tapping away on laptops and doing yoga in sunshine that looks like it should be turning Mike to dust. You may already know Mike as Mike White. "I wrote a movie called School of Rock," he says modestly. He also wrote and starred in Chuck and Buck, which certainly used his odd looks to good advantage. He says that being gay with a gay parent is kind of nice; you don't feel like you disappointed them because they "beat you to the punch." Must make it easier to get dating advice, too.

Not much to say about Amanda and Kris, except that they talk about how they want to spend all of their time together for the rest of their lives. Good thing they're both so easy on the eyes.

As brothers Mark and Michael show off a few stuntman moves in a park, Mark explains, "Michael and I are in kind of a small niche." Apparently they do stunt-double work for kids in movies. And they enjoy the cliché about big things in small packages. They're not Charla-short, but they're easily the shortest team this season. They look pretty intent on having a good time, so that's always nice.

Finally we meet Jaime and Cara, a couple of red-haired, nearly identical ex-NFL cheerleaders. We get to watch them do a little routine in a park, which is kind of refreshing after having to see Nick and Starr do that during the credits all last season. One of the cheerleaders says that aggressive women are viewed as bitches, which she thinks is unfair, but she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her anyway. Well, which is it? "She's not lying," the other one says. She's so afraid of her partner.

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