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And speaking of that team that was behind them, Preston and Jennifer are Philiminated. With the Flight Attendants still standing on the mat next to them, Phil asks Preston if he's competitive. Preston cops to it, and Jennifer weepily says she feels like she let him down. "Nah, she didn't let me down," Preston says magnanimously. "I know she did as much as she could." Translation: it's not her fault she sucks so much. In their post-Philimination interview, he says, "It was frustrating at times, I hated her at times." Aw, I'm getting verklempt. Jennifer assures us that they do love each other, and says that they were one of those tiresome couples who go on the race to "make or break" their relationship. Although she leaves out the "tiresome couples" part. And as they walk away from the mat arm-in-arm, she says, "I do want to spend the rest of my life with Preston." Which is the saddest ending for these two that I could possibly imagine.

Hey, check out the new spinning-earth-with-lines-around-it graphic under the producers' credits now! The shiny new features just keep coming. That, plus the fact that my least favorite team got eliminated first for once, tells me that this is going to be a good season.

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