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Amanda and Kris jog onto the mat in fifth. We have learned nothing new about them, other than Amanda weighs a hundred pounds.

"There's your cheese," one of the Flight Attendants tells the other. As Preston stacks his and Jennifer's third wheel, she whines her way along with the fourth one, saying, "You are so strong and so good for me." Oh, yuck. Stockholm is a thousand miles thataway, sweetheart, if you'd like to have someone look into your syndrome. Jodi and Christie are reduced to using their asses and half of one rack, as Jennifer and Preston head out in tenth. The Flight Attendants leave in last place. After having been in first place earlier in the leg. Looks like they might turn out to be the Blondes Mark 14 after all.

At the Pit Stop parking lot, Linda notices all the footprints, and suggests a shortcut through what Steve reasonably points out is a river. Thus commences a protracted debate about which way they should go, as Steve slips in the snow and falls onto his backpack. Oh, I fear they have peaked.

Brad and Victoria arrive at the mat in sixth, ,and Phil asks how the cheese went. They think they were the only ones who stayed upright. Phil tells them to show him, and they obligingly turn around and bend over. Because when Phil Keoghan wants to see your pristine, khaki-clad ass, by God you show it to him. When Jaime and Cara arrive in seventh place, Steve and Linda are still wandering around. "That's a dead end, Linda," Steve reports. "God, we're such dumb-asses!" Linda replies, with feeling. Meanwhile, Kisha and Jen have arrived in eighth place. And finally Steve and Linda find the mat, Phil favors them with a grin and one hell of an eyebrow-pop, which cracks them both up. They're happy to be team number nine. Hang in there, you two.

Preston and Jennifer arrive at the parking lot and de-cab, as he says, "We can still beat the blondes." We'll see. The teams spot each other, and running ensues. Preston|Jennifer are still in the lead, but Jennifer is flagging, and Jodi and Christie both pass her. By the time they're in view of the mat, the Flight Attendants are in the lead, and Preston is carrying Jennifer on his back as he runs. Does that ever work? Not in this case, because the Flight Attendants land on the mat first. For some reason, Jodi acts all worried as Phil takes his time telling them they're team number ten, whereupon they act all surprised and relieved. Which I don't get, because with at least one team still behind them, tenth place was the worst they could do, barring any penalties they didn't know about.

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