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Back at the hill, Jennifer's contribution to the task is helping to steady Preston with his two-wheeled rack, and dragging her own empty rack back down. Outstanding strategy. I fully support anything they do that's likely to get them eliminated. She tells him how awesome he is for doing this, and how sorry she is for not being able to, and he tells her, "Just be quiet right now." Moments later, he goes down on his ass, and gets bleep/blurred as his rack turns into kindling. Thank you, karma. Jen's rack gives out on her as she tries to use it as a travois, and down goes one of the cheerleaders, although her rack mostly holds together. Because what would a cheerleader be without her rack? Oh, come on, I think I held out pretty long without making that joke. At the top of the hill, Steve announces his strategy: "Linda's gonna take one, I'm gonna take three." What was that he said about not being idiots? But when we see how it works, it makes sense; he's sliding three wheels down on the flat part of his already-broken rack, while Linda does the same ahead of him with one. And I think we've already established that there's no penalty for not keeping your rack together. Jen and Preston have reached that fallen tree, and as they belatedly realize they can't go through it like a breakneck wheel of cheese, they collapse again. Disdaining the racks entirely, Kris starts down with a wheel on each shoulder, and finally everything rack-wise that Preston and Jennifer still owns goes to pieces. "You can't get angry, honey," Jennifer says as they struggle with the wreckage. I think she underestimates him. The other teams continue on, but it's Amanda and Kris who finish fifth. They're off to the Pit Stop, with her saying, "That is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life." Preston and Jennifer are headed back up the hill to get more cheese. Steve and Linda reach the bottom, having finished in one trip. They congratulate each other on outsmarting the other teams, and off they go in sixth. Steve's right about one thing: if they're going to win, it's not going to be with their feet.

Mel and Mike are team number four, and happy to be so.

Preston's wheel gets away from him, and it goes all the way to the far edge of the hill. As he begins the long walk to fetch it back, he says, "I don't like cheese at all. In fact, I may not eat cheese ever again." Brad and Victoria finish in seventh, apparently without incident. You can tell because we haven't seen much of them since they arrived, and they're heading to the Pit Stop with remarkably clean trousers. The last few teams continue on, and the Flight Attendants realize that one of them has lost a wheel somewhere up the hill. How hard is it to lose track of a giant, fifty-pound, bright-yellow disk? Team Go Team finishes eighth, with Kisha and Jen close behind.

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