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Mike is helping his dad back up the hill by the hand. Tammy and Victor finish up the task in second, closely followed by Mark and Michael in third. Mike and Mel are heading back down the hill when five more teams show up all at once: Kisha|Jen, Jaime|Cara, Brad|Victoria, Amanda|Kris, and Preston|Jennifer. As they start up with their racks, Mel warns them, "Don't drag those, they break." They also break if they fall, or if you try to put cheese on them, or look at them, or watch them on TV. I really hope they aren't literally antiques. Steve and Linda arrive in tenth place, just as Mel and Mike finish stacking their cheese and begin their cab ride, laughing exhaustedly. Back at the hill, everyone's struggling with the climb, but no one more so than Linda, as Steve carries both their racks ahead of her. She can't even seem to make it at a crawl. And she gets her second tension-filled act-out of the night. That's never a good sign.

At the top of the hill, an out-of-breath Jennifer gasps, "That was the most [pant pant] strenuous [pant pant pant] thatwasveryhard." Hee.

Christie and Jodi are still on the train, saying, "We only have to be faster than one other person." Give or take.

One of the guides at the aging-shed, who have been pretty unobtrusive, tries to put a second wheel of cheese on Amanda's rack, presumably at the team's request. "This is my body weight, Kris!" she protests, but her cheese rack buckles under the weight even before she does. Other teams start down as Steve starts physically pushing Linda up the hill from behind. Finally the Flight Attendants arrive at the Interlaken train station, firmly in last place. Preston bitches at Jennifer because he's already started down the hill with his two-wheel rack and she's still waiting to be strapped to her one. Finally Christie and Jodi arrive and take in the situation, heartened by the fact that a lot of teams are still there. Steve and Linda have finally reached the top of the hill, and Linda wants them to try carrying all 200 pounds on one rack. Steve doesn't think that's smart. "We gotta think, that's the only way we're gonna beat them. We didn't get here by being idiots."

Yodelers! There are three of them next to the mat, and they've got an accordion. Oh, poor Phil. Margie and Luke arrive at Schtechelburg's dismal parking lot, and obviously it's going to be down to Margie to find the yodelers. She can hear them, all right, but the echoes from the surrounding mountains are making them hard to zero in on. And Victor and Tammy are not far behind. Still, when the first team runs up to the mat -- just as the yodelers reach a perfectly-timed end to their...piece, or whatever you call that sonic travesty -- it's Margie and Luke. Wearing one hell of a cable-knit turtleneck under a sheepskin jacket, Phil says, "Margie and Luke?" And then he carefully signs, "You are team number one." Aw. Phil invites Victor and Tammy up onto the mat just as they arrive, and informs Margie and Luke that they've won a trip to Puerto Vallarta. Luke is in tears, he's so happy. And he's not even going to have to listen to the beach vendors. Phil takes a moment to check Luke and Tammy in second, then Mark and Michael third, right behind them. With all three teams standing happily on the mat, Phil returns his attention to Luke and asks why it was so important for him to be on the Race. Margie translates for him, "A lot of people think deaf people can't do things. But [they] can do exactly what hearing people can do but not talk. So I just want to show that deaf people can do it." In fact, as we now see, deaf people can talk even better than hearing people can, when they're sobbing uncontrollably.

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