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Mike is carefully working his way down, while his dad Mel is MacGyvering along by sliding down the hill on his ass with the cheese in his lap. Mark manages to get up from a sitting position without breaking his rack, but a few steps later the entire thing spontaneously comes apart on him. I suppose it makes sense that a Swiss construction would have perfect timing. Tammy's down, struggling to get back up, but when she does, there goes her cheese. "Don't let a cheese hit me," Mel mutters to his cameraman, watching it roll past him. Seriously, can you imagine getting taken out by fifty pounds of cheese at high speed? That would be a fun story to tell people while they sign your cast. Victor assures Tammy that he's not upset with her. "Don't second-guess yourself," he says. Whatever that means, under the circumstances. It's not like she's going to congratulate herself for dropping her cheese. Which, I understand, is what the kids are calling it these days.

The Flight Attendants are still alone on their slow train to Interlaken, having searched the whole train and not found another team. They're bitter that Brad and Victoria lied to them. I suspect flight attendants have either gotten used to never being lied to in the past seven and a half years, or being lied to a lot more.

Back at the cheese hill, Luke and Margie have reached the bottom, but they still have to retrieve their runaway cheeses. Working together, they're the first to get one on the board. Mike struggles down the hill, out of breath but with his rack still in once piece. "I got your cheese," he pants. Mark has abandoned the ruins of his rack and is manhandling his cheese by hand. Margie and Luke get their second wheel into place, and are the first to head back up the hill. Mike delivers his first wheel, closely followed by the brothers. Victor tells his empty-handed sister that she'll need to carry one on their second trip down, "Even if you have to slide on your butt like he does." Yeah, she's aware, dude. Heading back up, Mike meets his dad coming down. "I'll never eat cheese again," Mel says. Indeed, if someone takes a group photo of the teams at the end of this leg, I would advise him to think twice before calling out a certain customary instruction when he snaps the picture. Tammy and Victor deliver their first load, and when she complains about being tired, he reminds her, "Think about the hour-and-a-half yoga classes you do." By the time Mike reaches the top of the hill again, Mel is still scootching down on his ass, telling himself, "Don't drop this cheese, don't drop this cheese." So it's not just the kids calling it that, apparently. Margie and Luke are taking their second load down the Mel way, and actually pass him at the bottom -- which means they're the first team to get the clue sending them to the Pit Stop. The drummers bang on their kettles in appreciation. The Racers must now take a taxi to the "last postal bus stop" in Schtechelberg. Once there, they need to "listen for a group of yodelers who will lead them to the Pit Stop." Which is hidden behind a building. And the last team to check in? Will be eliminated. Well, it is the first leg, so no point in being coy.

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