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The two sibling teams are once again in a footrace with each other, but this time Tammy reaches the clue box inches ahead of Mark. She reaches in first, and fair play to her, but with her gloves on she's having trouble separating one envelope from the rest of them. "I'm so sorry," she says to Mark, who impatiently says, "Come on." I don't think it's getting beaten to the clue that bothers him as much as having to wait around for Ham-Fist once he's gotten there. In any case, the first four teams are soon off up the hill. It turns out to be a pretty arduous climb. "It was so slippery, and it was terrifying," Margie says in an interview. "You had a lot of mud and animal poop." Luke makes an eloquent sound of agreement. Mel is struggling with not only his rack, but a chary groin muscle. At the top, Luke and Margie have their racks on and are negotiating how they're going to do this; he says he can carry two wheels of cheese, but she's only up for one. "My cheese thing broke!" Mel complains before he even reaches the summit. It won't be the last. It looks like everyone's going to have to make two trips, since there's not a single team who can take two wheels each. Did I forget to mention that the cheese they'll have to carry comes in the form of fifty-pound wheels that are about the size of a stack of manhole covers? Because that might be relevant. Victor and Tammy start down first, followed by Luke and Margie. Suddenly the part of Margie's rack holding her cheese gives way, and the wheel drops to the ground. Where somehow, I don't know how, the fucking thing manages to pick itself up so it's edge on, and commences rolling on down the hill with gathering speed. Even a large tree that's fallen (or was cut to fall) across the hill doesn't slow it down. The blue-clad kettle-drummers below smile and point. "Piece of crap," Margie mutters, which is not something you normally hear people say about a Swiss product. Victor slips and falls, breaking the top off his rack, but at least his cheese is still in place. Michael does a little unplanned stunt, slipping and falling on his ass. Amazingly, his rack remains intact. Victor decides to abandon his broken rack and one of his cheese wheels, carrying the other down in his arms. Luke, meanwhile, is losing control of his descent. He tries to stay upright by running downhill, and maintains his balance for in impressively long time, but eventually the wet leaves and mud cause him to slip. When he goes down on his ass, his rack just shatters. I don't think there are two boards still attached to each other. And of course his cheese goes merrily on without him. So in a sense, he and Margie are in the lead. Or at least their cheese is. The kettle-drummers love it. Luke gets back up with two boards still strapped to him, and watches his cheese get stopped by a wire fence at the bottom of the hill. Barely.

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