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Phil explains that the teams are on their way to a ferry terminal, from which they'll go to an island, where they'll find the ruins of "the smallest church in the world," which seems like the setup for some terrible joke about tiny priests, but it's just not coming to me. There, they will sign up for one of three ferries that leaves the next morning: 8:00 AM, 8:30 AM, and 9:30 AM. That's an awful lot of information for Phil to give in one big bite, and I tend to agree with the EEFPs who have noted that something they did is missing here that would have tied this sequence together a bit. Meanwhile, TK and Rachel seem to be the last ones to get a cab from the formerly second/really first flight, and they're very, very happy to see Marianna and Julia and realize that the formerly first/really second flight is behind them. They get a taxi and take off, quite relieved that what they thought was last was not actually last. They once were last, but...never mind. Kate and Pat are behind the sisters, and they wonder whether they're "bad people" for finding it gigglingly funny to watch Julia screeching at Marianna and "freaking." I would like to assure them that it doesn't make them bad people; it makes them welcome at my house. Nathan and Jennifer are the first trailing team into a cab, and she explains that they're well aware that the other six teams are all ahead of them.

Cab Driver Follies. Ari and Staella urge their cab driver not to let Ronald and Christina pass, but they are unsuccessful. Just before we transition to Ronald and Christina's taxi, you hear a deep voice say, "Well, you guys took our taxi." Some of the EE(ared)FPs were hoping this was the taxi driver saying, "Well, you guys took their taxi," but my headphones say no. It's "our taxi," and it's Ron's non-Irish voice. But either way, Ari and Staella are passed, so Ronald and Christina seem to have mostly recovered from losing their original taxi.

Azaria and Hendekea learn that the next ferry leaves at 4:45. Ronald and Christina and Ari and Staella arrive, and in the one line from Ari for which I will try to remember him, he refers to Kynt and Vyxsin -- who are right behind him -- as "Pinky and the Brain." Snerk. Ron tries to call out Ari and Staella for stealing the cab, but...I don't know. They didn't apparently give fake names or anything. If you want your cab to demand ID, then when you call, ask them to have the driver demand ID. It's been done. TK and Rachel, Nicolas and Donald, Nathan and Jennifer, Shana and Jennifer, Lorena and Jason, Marianna and Julia, Kate and Pat. Hey, everybody is getting on the same ferry. Sigh. While they're on the ferry, Kate gives the much-seen interview in which she says, "The Amazing Race is a love letter to the planet." Probably a little much, though I understand what I think she's saying. An opportunity to appreciate a lot of the beautiful work of God, et cetera. I like her, but it doesn't mean I don't fully intend to bust out "Where's your God now!" the first time she has to eat a pig's eye or something.

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