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British Airways. Nathan and Jennifer, at last. His Jennifer is irritated that "the blondes" (you're blonde yourself, there, homeslice) got in ahead of them. The two sibling teams are trying to make it to the counter, where Kate and Pat are currently getting their tickets. Nathan and Jennifer are fourth on the British Airways flight, and Marianna and Julia slip in behind them to get on the plane fifth. So of the eleven teams, that's five, leaving Hendekea and Azaria to wonder whether there are five sets of seats or six. Nicolas and Donald pile in and learn that they're the seventh team. Azaria and Hendekea sweat it out in line. But it turns out that there were only five sets of tickets on the British Airways flight, so the other six teams are out of luck. Fortunately, no one quite does the "That's it! We're eliminated!" dance quite yet. There appear to be only two flights this time around, though, so this puts a pretty quick end to the airport drama, since you either made the early flight or you didn't.

Back from commercials, the losing-out teams have migrated to the Aer Lingus counter, where they are getting on the second flight. Hendekea interviews that she and Azaria are "overachievers" (which is engineer talk for "intense"). Over at British Airways, cymbal crash! Lorena tells us that they're getting on this flight that gives them a 45-minute lead on the rest of the teams.

At the gate, waiting for Aer Lingus, Azaria and Hendekea befriend Ronald and Christina, and they borrow a girl's laptop to find out a little about Shannon. Christina interviews that people with a "family bond" kind of understand each other. That sounds like sort of a high-minded way to say "they seemed nice," but I've heard less pleasant sentiments, so, whatever. And then we watch as Hendekea, on the flight, borrows a cell phone to call ahead for taxis for her team and for Ronald and Christina. I hope they warned the person if they're using her phone to call from New York to Ireland. Otherwise, there's going to be one really pissed off lady opening her cell phone bill for $612.83 and being like, "Wait, who do I know named 'Paddy McTaxi'?"

The Amazing Map demonstrates that the "better" flight is connecting through London, while the "worse" flight is connecting through Dublin. The Amazing Yellow and Orange Lines are glad to meet you. In one of those developments that seems unpredictable but isn't, really (particularly, according to some of our EEFPs, if you are familiar with Heathrow), the lead flight is delayed on the tarmac. Dun-dun! And then we are in Shannon, where the Aer Lingus flight is landing at 12:42 PM, ahead of British Airways. Fickle transportation! Everyone outside hops into cabs. Ari and Staella wind up in the cab intended for Ronald and Christina. In the cab, Ari is sort of giggling about how the taxi might not have been theirs, but I'm not sure where he's getting that. I think they didn't get a good shot of it, if the driver made it clear to Ari and Staella that he was meeting someone in particular. Either way, Ronald and Christina get squared away pretty easily and get themselves a taxi. In Ari and Staella's cab, the driver becomes concerned that he might not have done what he was supposed to do, as far as picking up the right people. But Ari and Staella are all, "Hee hee, no, you didn't do anything wrong." Those unsuspecting Irish taxi drivers! So gullible!

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