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Here come Marianna and Julia and Nathan and Jennifer, hauling ass to the pit stop, not 100 percent certain about whether there are any teams behind them. The sisters finish first, and the teams wind up together on the mat. When Marianna and Julia are told that they're ninth, Nathan and Jennifer rejoice, because that means they're tenth and not eleventh.

Aaaand here come Ari and Staella, whom I didn't like anyway, who are in eleventh place and are eliminated. Staella says they could have done and seen much more. Their donkey agrees. Ari interviews that they were bitten by karma. In fact, they mishandled their donkey, and should have been bitten by him. My favorite part is where Staella says that Ari was her "rock," for the, two days of the race. Easiest gig as Rock of all time! She says it brought them closer together, and then we are out. And that was a very good first elimination (of the "Whew!" variety) and a pretty damn good first episode. I am optimistic.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

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