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Lorena and Jason finish in fourth. Kate and Pat pass Ari and Staella, as do Shana and Jennifer. So now, they're in last. We now watch as Shana and Jennifer get their donkey running and promptly run past a whole bunch of people. For whatever reason, they had a very fast donkey, and they finish in what looks like about fifteen seconds. They give their clue guy a smooch at the end, like they're flirting just to say they flirted and used their bodies before they forgot how, and they're off to the pit stop. Nicolas and Donald finish in fifth place. As other teams pass Jennifer and Nathan, there are some efforts to see if their donkey will sort of tag along with someone, but...nothing doing. "We're going to lose because of this donkey," Jennifer moans. Behind them, Marianna and Julia get their donkey going, so they're in second-to-last, ahead of Ari and Staella.

Shana and Jennifer finish in sixth place, and they're really surprised, which is kind of ridiculous, considering that they went by enough teams to know where they were. But Nathan and Jennifer are still trying to get their donkey moving, and they seem to give a new try to pushing the donkey (which Jennifer did try once before, relieving my initial fear that they didn't come up with pushing instead of pulling until this rather dire point). And finally, when Jennifer gets behind it and pushes, the donkey begins to move. Ari and Staella appear to be relying entirely on dragging the donkey as hard as they can, but they move their donkey a bit as well. Marianna and Julia pass Nathan and Jennifer. Now, at least everyone's moving.

Nathan has decided that "Ya, ya, hoy!" is the key donkey order, like "Cochise" in that one Cheers, so he just keeps giving it. Finally, they finish the course, and they're in second-to-last place. "That donkey was so stubborn!" Nathan moans. They should make that a saying or something!

Ronald and Christina and Pat and Kate finish essentially together, and Ron is very emotional talking about how he didn't want to let Christina down. I was also all ready to blame Ronald for the corny "Who's your daddy?" dance he goes into, but on rewatch, you know who did it? It was Phil. It's on Ron's shirt, don't get me wrong -- his shirt says, "Who's Your Daddy?" But Phil gets it going. Phil calls out, "Who is your daddy?" And that's when Ron starts repeating it. Bad Phil! Your fault! Nice moment for all these people, including Kate and Pat, who just look happy to be sharing in the family moment.

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