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A&H hop out of their car at the Heritage Center. Kynt and Vyxsin look to be close, but I think there's some faked-up suspense here. A&H indeed finish first, and for their first-place finish, they attempt to celebrate with a high-five and miss each other entirely. Embarrassing! They receive, as their prize, a trip for two to Alberta. Canada? As a prize? Boo! (Just kidding, Canada!) I'm not sure I think the brother and sister need the "moonlight snowshoeing," but they're getting it anyway. Azaria interviews that Hendekea has proved to him "how far she's willing to go." He also says that her "small frame" hides the "tiger that's within," which could come off either twee or patronizing, but because she promptly makes a tiger claw, it's kind of awesomely good-humored.

Ari tries to tempt his donkey to move using grass, which the donkey could eat right off the ground if it were hungry. Great plan.

Nicolas pedals Donald across. Kynt and Vyxsin finish in second place. Kynt vows that next time, they'll be number one. Ari continues shrieking. Nicolas and Donald have their donkey. Rachel and TK finish in third place.

As he pedals Christina across the ravine, Ronald loudly sings something he thinks is "Danny Boy," but it's not, except that it starts with the words "Oh," "Danny," and "Boy." Christina giggles happily as they land on the other side, and when she congratulates her dad, he tells her that he did it so he wouldn't let her down. Aw. He also calls his performance "not bad for an old fart." Heh.

Jason and Lorena finish with the donkey and leave for the pit stop. Nathan and Jennifer are still despondent at their motionless donkey, and Nathan looks up to see Donald and Nicolas approaching, and he's like Dawson Leery, flapping his arms all, "Joey, what can I say to you?" Kind of like that. Donald says, as they pass, "These guys spook so easy, it's unbelievable." It's meant to be sympathetic, but I'm sure it's not very comforting when you're on the receiving end of it. Meanwhile, Ari and Staella are still screaming at their donkey as Christina and Ronald pass, and Christina interviews that she couldn't believe how badly they were treating the donkey. "Donkeys have souls, too," she episode-titles. And then she tells her father, "You have a way with donkeys." Heh. Marianna and Julia do the bike. They seem to enjoy it. Pat and Kate are behind them, with Kate pedaling. Shana and Jennifer are in last place. Marianna and Julia pass Ari and Staella, still stationary. Nicolas and Donald head for the pit stop in fifth place.

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