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Cymbal! Finally, Jason has pulled over to ask directions to Cleggan, and he learns that he can get there, but he's not where he wants to be at all. In the car, Lorena pointed out that they went all around Robin Hood's barn (as your grandpa would say), because he wouldn't listen to her. "You weren't helping me out; you were screaming," he says. And while I hear him that her way of communicating was not the most productive, trying to make this entirely her fault is absolutely absurd, because she wasn't screaming at the beginning, and she was right the whole time. It's kind of like, "Well, yes, I slammed your fingers in the car door, but you're the one who won't let me drive with the doors open." She tells him they're "not communicating well," and that this is also their problem "in real life." I like how she acknowledges that this is not "real life."

Second ferry! Ari and Staella, Azaria and Hendekea, Nathan and Jennifer. Meanwhile, first to arrive at Cleggan Farm are TK and Rachel, followed by Kynt and Vyxsin. They're close to each other as they hop on their tandem bikes. Kynt and Vyxsin quickly break the chain on their bike, so they just run with it. Pretty gutsy, that. The second wave of teams arrives (before, you'll note, Jason and Lorena). Jennifer and Nathan get out first, then Ari and Staella, then Azaria and Hendekea. But soon, Ari and Staella get smoked by A&H, which isn't too surprising. Ari and Staella shriek at each other, which seems kind of surprising, since it's a little early to be losing your Cheetos over a small setback like this.

TK and Rachel pedal up to a clue box that leads them to a Roadblock. "Who's ready to pedal for their partner?" Phil explains that in this task, the chosen person picks one of two "high-wire bicycles," which they will pedal across a wire over a "wind-swept ravine." The person's partner will be sitting on a seat on a pole that extends below the bike, which (I am told) fiddles with the center of gravity in a way that allows you to pedal the bike on the wire without tipping over and falling into the ravine. I personally credit a crew of invisible monkeys. TK and Rachel decide that he will ride the bike.

Last ferry! Remember, this is the 9:30 ferry with the five teams on it. Shana and Jennifer seem lost, and when they've stopped for directions, they correctly guess that they're in last place.

TK and Rachel get outfitted for the bike ride. Kynt and Vyxsin are close behind. And close behind them are Jennifer and Nathan, who refer to Kynt and Vyxsin as "the freaks." I sort of like them less all the time. As he bikes, TK yells that riding a bike on a wire is actually pretty scary, even though not much scares him. He finishes the ride, and they run to the clue box on the other side. It tells them to choose a donkey. Phil explains that in this next task, the teams have to choose a donkey and load it up with thirty pieces of peat. Then they'll walk the donkey back to the farm entrance to receive another clue.

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