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Marianna and Julia realize that they are not surrounded by as many teams as they'd like, so they're thinking they're going the wrong way. Nicolas and Donald stop and ask also, and they learn that they are going the wrong way. Again! D'oh! So all the teams who went the wrong way now get turned around to go the right way.

Teams follow a path up a hill toward the world's tiniest church, and the first to the ferry signup are Jason and Lorena. TK and Rachel are just behind them, and third on that ferry are Kynt and Vyxsin. First on the second ferry are Ari and Staella, then Nathan and Jennifer, and Azaria and Hendekea. And now, Nathan says, "I love you so much." And he and Jennifer kiss. Because now that there's no stress, their relationship is good again! You know how well that always works out. Things are fine as long as nobody's out of work, short of money, having medical problems, fighting with their parents, taking care of screaming/unhappy/delinquent children...what could go wrong? Really strong relationships are forged in cotton candy!

Shana and Jennifer are very unhappy about being the first team on the last ferry. I am very unhappy about their light-blue jackets, which do indeed (thanks, EEFPs!) appear to be attempts to tug on the BQs' capes. As Nicolas and Donald ascend, Donald puts his foot in a hole (I believe) and gets stuck. Pat and Kate sign up; Marianna and Julia sign up; Nicolas and Donald sign up; Ronald and Christina sign up. Ronald calls it "a wake-up call." It's a little early in the race to need a wake-up call, it seems to me. But...all righty. We learn, as the teams settle in for the night at a B&B, that Ronald and Christina are still pals with Azaria and Hendekea. And Shana and Jennifer are despondent, and they feel that they've done poorly for themselves and just want to burst into tears. And that's not even counting the part about having seen Ryan Seacrest naked. Hiyo!

Morning. Ferries return from...doing nothing except going to find clues for more ferries. Task missing! Task missing! Vyxsin refers to herself and Kynt as "two fairies on a ferry." Hello-Kittiest Goths ever (tm Joe R)! Phil reminds us of the order of the ferries and who's on them.

The first ferry arrives, and the teams run out to a fleet of cars with clues attached to them. The clue tells them to drive forty-some miles to Cleggan Farm, where Phil explains that they will ride a tandem bike to their next clue box. As the lead teams leave, it appears that there's a loose agreement that the other two (Kynt/Vyxsin and TK/Rachel) will follow Jason and Lorena in their car. When Jason takes off, though, the other teams are not following, and Lorena wants him to wait, but he doesn't want to. Lorena insists that the other teams are the ones with the directions, and Jason protests that she has directions, too. She points out that they aren't following the directions she has. She declares in an interview that her emotions are "very uncontrollable." Well, that's certainly good news. She tries to tell him that they're going the wrong way (which...she's correct about), but she has a super-whiny voice, so she does sound increasingly like Flo, even though she has a point. She loudly pleads with him to listen to her, and he ignores her. As she keeps whining (not the way to get your way! Ask any properly parented three-year-old!), he tells us that she's "intense." Bad sign! Bad sign! She wails and blubbers that he's going the wrong way, but probably out of habit, he totally ignores her. "I'm telling you, it's up here," he says.

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