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Patrick and Susan and Debbie and Bianca head for the pit stop in their cars. Up to the mat, up to the mat, it's...Susan and Patrick. Welcome, you are team number eight. And then Debbie and Bianca run up and are eliminated. Boo hoo. Live by the nauseous, die by the nauseous. Phil rubs it in that they came in first on the first leg. Yeah, baby. Bianca characterizes them as having made "a mistake that was detrimental." Of course, that's not a single mistake. Driving two hours without knowing where you're doing, seeing anything identifiable to tell you you're going the right way, that sort of thing -- that's not one mistake. That's screwing up a whole bunch of times in a row.

Of course, Debbie has to insist that it wasn't about them, it was a bigger issue about a women's team, blah blah, and that's fine, but I don't need women I don't care for representing my interests, so they can speak for themselves as far as I'm concerned. Aaaanyway, they love each other, so that's fine. What can you say about people who drove for that long without knowing where they were? That's a total lack of fundamentals, as they would say during the tournament. It's not like that says anything about women; that just says something about them.

Next week: Horses! Taxis! Rob being Rob! Deana being picked on! Oh, what fun.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

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