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The one with all the eating

Uchenna and Joyce are disappointed not to be first. But they do their best to take it in stride. Phil chastises them for being beaten out on the drive, but they will probably move on with their lives, because they seem like the type.

Patrick and Susan are in their car. She's eating some kind of And she's talking about how it's "lunch and dinner." "We'll find some cheap meal in Mendoza," he says. Hee. And there's a close-up of the bar, which might be jerky, maybe? Susan says, "This tastes like a steak." Oh, goodness, the things you can't make up. I'm telling you, somebody in post-production gave money to a sick nun right before they filmed this leg.

Loud dinner music continues at the barbecue while Greg and Ron are trying to eat. "This is very romantic," Ron deadpans as he tries to shove more food into his maw. Greg and Ron both finally finish, and both teams leave.

Susan and Patrick come up to the barbecue, and Patrick takes it. Of course, Meredith and Gretchen and Deana and Ray are happy to see them, because that means their penalty clock starts to run at last. Meanwhile, Rob and Amber's clock is at about 2:40 left, so they're going to leave almost an hour and a half before the other teams who didn't do the Roadblock. Patrick starts eating.

Bianca and Debbie get finished with the rafting, declare their love for each other some more, and drive toward the pit stop. They may drive two hours in the wrong direction, but they have love.

Pit stop. Ron and Kelly and Brian and Greg get to the pit stop as teams three and four, and jump on the mat together. There is high-fiving.

Patrick is catching on to just how bad this eating business is going to be, distracted no doubt by the three teams who have already bailed, and he's telling his mother that the volume of food is so great that he's not sure he can fit it in his stomach. "Do it!" she snaps. "Yeah," he snots in a flat voice. "See, this is why I need you to be quiet." Ohhhh. He's snotty, but kind of right. They have a chat in which he tells her that if she were the one doing it, he would be sympathetic to her in a way she isn't being sympathetic to him. "I would start vomiting," she lectures. He insists she wouldn't; she insists she would. She actually seems very irritated while...telling her son that he should be vomiting? I hate this Roadblock. "The more you do this," he says, "the more it makes me want to not do it just to spite you because you're being so insensitive about this." Heh. Well, at least he's in touch with that part of himself, because it's not like everyone doesn't have those moments. "This could be it," she lectures, as if that's all there is to it. "Whatever," she finally declares in that disappointed-mom way. "You decide what you're going to do." "I will decide what I'm going to do," he says. She walks away.

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