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Furthermore, what's really clever and kind of lucky about the way this played out is that it's easier for Deana to quit, because Rob has already quit. It's like she has this comfort level coming from, "Well, Rob's already quit." Almost like she outlasted him. Which she obviously didn't, and the funny thing is that she is worse off because Rob quit ahead of her. That means that his penalty will be shorter than hers, and it guarantees her that she's going to be well behind at least one team, whereas if she had quit before Rob, they'd at least have been tied. See what I mean? He's making them more comfortable quitting by telling them that he didn't make it either, when in fact that makes quitting substantially more hazardous to them than if they could quit while he was still trying.

Ron is being fanned by Kelly as he continues eating. "Well, today is probably the worst eating experience that I've ever had in my entire life," Ron drawls. "And mind you, I lost 25 pounds in about 18 days in Iraq." I know it's wrong of me to find it funny when Ron says the food was more damaging than Iraqi prison food, but I sort of do. Of course, he goes on to say that the Iraqi prison food wasn't exactly worse, but at least he didn't have to eat four pounds of it. Heh. Who knew we would get Iraqi prison food jokes? What a world.

Various people in various stages of digestive distress, intentionally making themselves ill. Meredith looks to be doing particularly poorly, and Ray tells Gretchen that it might be faster to quit than to try to muddle through it. Gretchen goes over and presents this option to Meredith, with the four-hour penalty. She thinks it will take him at least a couple of hours to get through it, at which point he'll presumably be sick and they'll be behind, and that's sort of assuming everything goes well. They discuss the options, and ultimately, she acknowledges that it's up to him what he wants to do.

Commercials. Oh, Coach K. How strange it is to see you in so many damn ads all of a sudden.

When we come back, Meredith is bailing on the task, taking the penalty. "I'm finished," he says. Uchenna, on the other hand, is still eating, as is Alex. The first to finish, actually, is Uchenna, who was not nearly the first to arrive. Guy can eat. He raises his hands in a holler of victory. They get the clue sending them to the pit stop, a "traditional Argentine ranch." They leave in their car, really hoping to come in first. Joyce tentatively asks him, "Do you want...a mint?" He laughs an awesome, from-the-belly laugh, and repeats, "Do I want a mint?" Wow, I love them. Go, Uchenna and Joyce! Back at the task, Alex finishes eating. They read the pit stop clue and leave. Uchenna and Joyce, meanwhile, are pulled over getting directions. Lynn is congratulating Alex on how awesome he was, and Alex is concentrating on not throwing up. You know, again. Both teams navigate toward the pit stop, and we are forced to submit to more fake tension with Phil pointing from the pit stop mat.'s Lynn and Alex! They are welcomed, and Phil tells them they are team number one. No prize, in keeping with the general pattern over the season of throwing a couple of prizes in at the beginning and then no prizes until nearer to the end. They immediately tell Phil about passing Amber and Rob. Phil says that must have felt good. They reenact their paddling, because...yeah, I have no idea why. Lynn interviews that indeed, "a big part of the sweetness" for them was beating Rob and Amber. In case you didn't notice.

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