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Finally, Susan and Patrick reach the Yield box. They, for whatever reason, choose not to use the Yield, though you'd think this might be the right time. They choose to Paddle. I have to say, I'm surprised more teams weren't seduced into trying the bikes. I wonder if there was something in there about the possibility of technical or tire problems and the requirement that they fix them themselves.

Lynn and Alex are the first to make the turn into Camping Suizo. Lynn's loud way of sing-songing, "There's a flaaaaag!" is old already, at least to me. They rip the clue, and it's a Roadblock. "Who's not a vegetarian?" Alex takes it. Phil reminds us about Roadblocks and the six-per-person rule. He explains that in this particular Roadblock, the Roadblocker will eat cow ribs, pork sausage, blood sausage, cow intestine, cow udder, a kidney, and part of a saliva gland. The portion they have to eat weighs about four pounds. Four pounds. And they have to eat it all, and then they'll get a clue. Stupid volume eating challenges. Anyway, Alex sits down and is handed his giant tray of food. He tries to act enthused. Heh. Well, and what else can you really do?

Rob and Amber get to the barbecue, and Alex notes their arrival using the magical Robfinder™ chip that is implanted in his inner ear. When they read the clue about who's not a vegetarian, Rob takes it immediately, which kind of surprised me, since he's not so much with the eating challenges. "Four pounds?" he says. "At least I'm hungry." Rob has a seat and takes his tray. Lynn tells Alex to make more room by barfing. Alex tells him that "barf it up" is not that helpful to hear during an eating challenge. Hee. Lynn is not striking me as the most sensitive person who has ever been born.

Susan and Patrick finish the rafting and get in their car, where they start talking about how tough it was. Yeah. Seven miles, folks. Not for weenies.

Debbie and Bianca are arriving at the bridge, and they're noting that there seems to be the possibility of rafting. Debbie explains to us that she almost died in a recent rafting accident. They note that they don't have the option of Yielding anyone, really, so they move on to the clue box. Bianca asks Debbie if she's okay with the rafting or not, and Debbie says she is. Of course, that doesn't keep her from complaining about it as they suit up. She says in what is clearly a post-leg interview (and gives away their situation, I think) that she needed to get in the raft and face her fears. And...fine. Good for her. If it were me and I were that scared, I might have just done the damn bikes, each her own. They raft.

Ron and Kelly arrive in Mendoza and get directions to Camping Suizo. Ron is kind enough to give a high-pitched "arriba, arriba, andale, andale" thing as he's getting back in the car. Seriously, I cannot get enough of the Speedy Gonzalez references. Those make us all look so very enlightened. The entire Spanish-speaking world is pretty much just that and Sabado Gigante, right? Yeah, I thought so. Meredith and Gretchen are also looking for the barbecue. Brian and Greg and Uchenna and Joyce are also in town. Uchenna and Joyce, it seems, find someone who will actually lead them there, so good for them.

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