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Commercials. Those Post employees are really a little bit too happy about their work. There's job satisfaction, and then there's a weird religion known as Cerealism, and I think they've crossed over, if you get my meaning.

When we return, Debbie and Bianca note that they were supposed to stay on 5 North for about ten minutes, instead of two hours. You'd think they'd have gotten that much with their "directions," no? They decide to "pray for flat tires or something."

And then, awesomely enough, because somebody in editing just opened a fortune cookie that said "Something unexpected will make your work easier and more satisfying," Greg and Brian's bike Detour is interrupted by...a flat tire. Which, apparently, they are expected to repair with a repair kit and pump they suddenly have (?). As they sit there trying to work on it, they can see other teams floating happily down the river, including Meredith and Gretchen and Ron and Kelly. "Biggest waste of time," the brothers declare as they decide to ditch the repair and carry the bikes. Meredith and Gretchen and Ron and Kelly finish the rafting at very much the same time, and they both read the Mendoza clue and leave, with Kelly noting that she and Ron came out just slightly ahead. "Honey, are you all right?" Gretchen asks Meredith as they get in the car. "Do you need some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?" There goes Gretchen again, bringing the sexy talk.

Back at the river, it's a showdown between Ray and Deana and Uchenna and Joyce. And Uchenna and Joyce are fairly convincingly kicking the fannies of Ray and Deana. Meanwhile, Brian and Greg are walking the length of the trail, noting that any lead they had over these other people has obviously dissipated. When Uchenna and Joyce are done with the paddling, have their clue, and are safely in the car, she comments that she thinks she "lost all [her] nails." Heh. Yeah, I suspect. "You're one hot chick out there in the whitewater rafting!" he hollers. I think I like him. And did I mention he's really, really cute?

Brian and Greg finish the bikes and get their clue. In the car, they discuss how much that thing that just happened there? Totally sucked. Then Ray and Deana grab their clue and get going, and Ray talks in the car about how awesome Uchenna is, and how he might have had ringer rowers or something, because Uchenna beat Ray even though Ray works out all the time. Of course, the rafting exists in Ray's mind purely as a showdown between himself and Uchenna. And the women? Wait, were there women in those boats?

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