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I hate Paris in the springtime...

Kevin and Drew, the Polaroid-mobile. "Is that an impala?" Kevin asks. Drew becomes animated. "Get the camera, get the camera!" Then Kevin waves him off. "It's a goat, it's a goat," he says with considerable frustration, as in fact an entire herd of goats crosses the street in front of them. Snerk.

Amie wants to know if she should approach the zebra she's spotted. If there's a chance it might rush her, I'm thinking Paul should say yes, but he advises caution. She goes anyway, and gets the picture. I think Paul says, "There's a jackal down there, too," but it sounds an awful lot like he says, "There's a jack-o-lantern, too." Happy Halloween!

Kev and Drew get their pictures, despite Kevin's fear that Drew is going to wind up with a shot of the window. "You're gonna get the window, you jerk," he helpfully warns. Drew: "Don't worry about it." Kevin: "You think you're whatchamacallit from Wild Kingdom." Then just for good measure, Kevin says, "Jackass." I have a feeling Kevin saying "jackass" is going to be the "Whatchoo talkin' about, Willis?" of this show.

Amie sees the rhino they need, but Paul advises her to get in the car, because said rhino doesn't look happy. In a similar vein, Emily sees the same rhino and tells Nancy, "Don't get out of the car, Mom." Nancy ignores her and clambers out. "Mom!" Emily yells. "Get in the damn car!" Okay, I realize that she told her mom to "get in the damn car," which technically you aren't allowed to do. I still think this is the most affection she's shown her mom yet. She may think her mom is a slowpoke loser, but she doesn't want her mom to be trampled by a rhino. Doesn't that just warm your heart? Nancy is very brave, but can't make the camera work. D'oh! Foiled by technology. That's how I feel when the TV remote doesn’t work. "Get in the car," Emily insists. "No," her mom continues. Not wanting to leave the impression that she likes her mother too much, Emily starts yelling, "Fix it!" in this totally annoying loud voice. Eventually, she takes over and apparently gets the film working, because she manages to get the pictures.

In Mukuni Village (Phil and everybody else pronounces -- and spells -- the village's name a little differently from Kev and Drew earlier), the teams all have to bring their pictures to the chief, who will give them their next clue. A very nice bunch of local folks shows up to welcome the teams to the village -- they certainly are meeting a lot of nice people in Africa, I have to say. Before the chief gives them a clue, though, he'll perform a ritual. The ritual involves spitting, but since the first team I see him spit near is Danza, I wasn't initially sure whether the spitting was part of the ritual, or whether he'd just met Loud Pushy Frank and was reacting the same way everybody else does. It does appear to be part of the ritual. He hands each arriving team a little Eiffel Tower with a yellow-and-white flag taped TO THE BOTTOM LEG. (Make a note of that last part, because you'll need it later.)

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