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I hate Paris in the springtime...

Kevin and Drew find the museum and the clue, which they refer to as "this crap." Kevin spots the clue and starts saying, "Ohhhh, God. Ohhhh, God," and it's very reminiscent of Rain Man, frankly. Kev reads on, and fleshes out that they have to bring the pictures to Chief Moukini (I'm sorry, that's the closest I'm going to come on the spelling) in Moukini Village. Now Kevin actually becomes a state-fair caricature of himself as he yells, "Moukini Village! Moukini freakin' Village!" Apparently, he and Drew think they know something of this place. Either that, or he just likes how it sounds. As they're leaving, Drew becomes troubled by a little elephant figurine on the table. "What's this elephant?" he asks. "What elephant?" Kevin responds. "This little statue here," Drew persists, wondering if they should do something with it.. Kev, anxious to leave: "It's probably a little…a little tchotchke!" Drew wonders if they should take it, and then he has to laugh himself at Kevin's turn of phrase. Hee! I am officially calling that the Shower-Fresh Dialogue of the Day.

World's Most Tenuous Alliance is at the park, searching for a good photo op. Joe tells Bill to just snap the picture already and stop worrying about composition and lighting. There is some banter about distinguishing between buffalo and wildebeests. Rob says giraffes are pretty. Frank takes a picture with an evil glint in his eye, and calls a helpless animal "sucker." Alliance picture-taking complete. In the car, Joe says that the alliance is holding them up, especially Rob and Brennan, who have sort of lost their "focus" over the course of the day. He and Bill are also not happy with Team Danza, because Frank is "uncontrollable." Yeah, no kidding. A shot of Frank, riding on top of the car, his foot up in a ready-to-pounce crouch, confirms that he is, indeed, uncontrollable.

Commercials. Wolf Lake. Right.

Pat and Brenda find Bundu, which turns out to be a whitewater rafting outfit. As the Fast Forward is re-explained by Phil, the Moms suit up and take to the rapids. We are Philled in on a new tidbit (well, new unless you hang out on the forums), which is that each team can use a Fast Forward pass only once during the entire race. I wish they'd told us this last week, because this is a major strategy issue. I feel manipulated, and not in the way I like. (Mandatory pause while I imagine Big Brother Will giving me a foot massage. Incidentally, congratulations, Big Brother Will! Can I have a thousand dollars?) With what appears to be little difficulty, Pat and Brenda snag the FF and head for the next stop -- the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France. Ooooh, cool! Europe!

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