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I hate Paris in the springtime...

At any rate, Margarita is rumored among the alliance to have seen a sign for the museum. (We know, of course, from Phil's intro, that she's mistaken, which lends a vaguely Hitchcockian element of suspense to this scene.) (Okay, not Hitchcockian. Bruckheimerian, anyway.) There is more fist-fiving, and they zoom off in their cars. Joe (or Bill) says that he feels "very comfortable" in the alliance, because they're the strongest three teams "both physically and maybe mentally." True? Perhaps. Frightening? Certainly. Note that Team Guido has abandoned the complete matching outfits, and is now just going with little matching hats, which they're wearing down their backs.

An interesting note: Bill and Joe's departure time is listed at 11:37 PM. That's only fourteen minutes after Rob and Brennan. Frank and Margarita depart at 12:05 AM. That's only a little under forty-five minutes after Rob and Brennan. Remember that Rob and Brennan arrived in South Africa on the same flight as Teams Guido and Danza. Then they won the Fast Forward pass. It seems to me that either they didn't do a very good job of getting their shapely behinds to Zambia in the first place, or it didn't take very long to do the bungee jump and the zipline -- know what I mean?

1:52. Lenny and Karyn leave. Lenny remarks that the relationship is going fine. Foreshadowing appears (tm Sars) in the form of a large bird with flapping wings, which comes and alights on Lenny's shoulder. "Awk, awk," it says. Karyn lovingly remarks that someday, they'll have lots of stories to tell their kids, because, as she puts it, "When we win the money, he has to marry me." The strains of "Isn't It Romantic?" are, surprisingly, not heard.

3:35. Pat and Brenda take off. I learn, by hearing the one of them with long hair talk about "Pat" in the third person, that Pat is the one with the short hair. Okay, got it. "Pat" = "short." I can do that. Brenda explains that she and Pat are basically funk soul sisters, except less funky and not as soulful. And they're not, technically, sisters. Apparently, they have a history of backpacking. Brenda mentions that it's damn early in the morning, a factor that I think is an interesting one. Are the teams that left in the middle of the night suffering from the lack of sleep? Hard to say.

World's Most Tenuous Alliance. In the car, Margarita is trying to explain to Loud Pushy Frank that she never promised she knew where the museum was; she just thought she saw a sign. Frank is having none of it. After once addressing her as "woman" (shut UP, Loud Pushy Frank!), he insists that she told everyone she knew where it was. Just a guess here? She didn't.

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