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I hate Paris in the springtime...

On the opposite end of the spectrum of my affections, Dark Hair and Light Hair are speaking Spanish to the French. "Yellow y blanca?" they attempt. They're still looking for the yellow-and-white flag. Haaaaaaa haa ha. Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, somebody at last claims to have seen it (after Light Hair does an extremely humorous mime version of the word "flag"), and they ask if the person will show them where it is (after they puzzle over how to say "will" in French). "Will you show us? Si?" No, really. She said "si." It's France, you twits. You can't say "oui"? I speak NO French, and I can say "oui." They attempt to feed me another joke by moaning, "How come we're stupid all the time?" and once again, I'm not biting. They find the flag, actually shouting, "It's there! It's there!" Light Hair reads the clue and pronounces that Dark Hair has to go up. Dark Hair moans.

The much-maligned Lenny is up in the Tower again. Karyn is still shouting up at him, which seems like a good idea, given how well it worked before. Next, we see her sitting on the steps, head in hand, despairing. Emily is up in the tower, too, and she doesn't have change for the scope. She calls up to a group of guys that she needs ten francs, and they eagerly throw change. (If that didn't give her a kind of tart-y vibe, it should have. I'm not judging; I'm just pointing it out.) She feeds the coin to the scope and looks. Down at ground level, Amie stews about what's taking Paul so long. He, meanwhile, spots the flag at last. Emily sweats her inability to do likewise, and then, in one of the most interesting plot developments we've seen so far, she is joined by poor Lenny, equally depressed. He asks her if she knows what they're looking for, and she admits that she doesn't. He doesn't, either (that much we knew). Emily now says, "The only monument I know is that Arc d'Whatever." Suddenly, she sees the flag, and doesn't even hesitate, despite the fact that her team is duking it out with the other stragglers. "Lenny, Lenny, Lenny!" she cries excitedly, pointing it out to him. Okay, one point for being a little human, Emily. She could have probably doomed Lenny and Karyn to certain elimination, had she refused to help him, because I think Lenny was psychologically blocked. Anyway, in a show of solidarity, she and Lenny emerge victorious.

Dark Hair, with help, finds the flag too. On the ground, Amie and Paul clarify that they're going to the Arc, and they take off. I have to give them credit for the fact that, as much as she picks on him and he picks back, they do better than Lenny and Karyn at handling the difficulty he had. He just tells her, eagerly, how hard it was, and she's pretty understanding. Thanks to Emily, Lenny and Karyn are on their way, too. Light Hair yells to the emerging Dark Hair, "Kimmie, did you find it?" A-ha! Dark Hair is Kim! Light Hair is Leslie! I'm so glad I learned that! Imagine how useful it's going to be!

Here come Davey and Margaretta, toward the Arc! Yay! Where have they been, anyway? Wasting away again in Davey and Margaretta-ville?

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