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I hate Paris in the springtime...

Rob and Brennan are arriving, too, and their particular difficulty is just physically getting across the street to the Arc. It's unclear whether they almost get run over, but the cameraman almost does. They finally make it to the mat, and finish third, with Team Danza just behind them (or so it appears).

Sigh. Notre Dame. Karyn: "We have to go inside, right?" They don't see anything. Karyn hesitantly asks Lenny what exactly led him to believe that they should go to Notre Dame. He says that when he got to the top of the stairs, the telescope was pointing right at Notre Dame, which didn't seem to be what actually happened, but I'm willing to let it slide, given the beating he's about to take. She rails (correctly) that that's not a very good piece of evidence, considering that it could mean that somebody had just finished looking at the cathedral, not that they were supposed to go to it. He concedes that they'll have to go back to the tower and try again. She whines unhelpfully that he shouldn't have come down in the first place if he didn't know where he was going. Lenny wipes away a tear. No, an actual tear. Damn. She goes on to say that even if he had to keep asking and asking, he should have stayed up there until he was sure. You know, Karyn, I don't disagree with you that he didn't do a championship-level job with the telescope, but I think he feels bad enough, probably, and this isn't accomplishing anything. She, however, is undeterred by how crappy she's making her boyfriend feel, and goes on that they can't afford cab fare to keep traveling around Paris following dead ends. "Gotta love her. You gotta love her," he mutters to himself. Seriously, Karyn? We get it. You've been wronged. Give the guy a hug and fucking forget about it. But she doesn't. "I'm really disappointed," she gripes. "Disappointed. Disappointed." She makes it into a little song, almost -- DIS-appointed. "What'd you say?" he asks. "I'm disappointed," she shrugs. "Well," Lenny says, in the line that really is the one that bodes ill for their future, "that ain't nothing new." Oy. Karyn's mean some more.

Kev and Drew, in their cab, head for the Arc. Drew doesn’t recognize the actual Arc until Kev practically hits him in the head. "Can't you see this big structure right here?" Hee. They arrive, they stand on the mat, Drew gives Kevin the big kudos for climbing the tower, and the French welcoming guy tells them they're in fifth place. "Parlez-vous cerveza?" Kevin asks, to the delight of America, and Drew laughs warmly. What can I say? They're my boys.

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